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We’ve made the difficult decision to permanently close Inglewood Aquatic Centre on Dec. 22, 2024. We recognize the value Inglewood Aquatic Centre has provided as a community recreation amenity, contributing to the health and well-being of Calgarians. We also acknowledge that the facility's closure will impact user groups and customers.

Celebrate with us

A public celebration event is being planned to recognize Inglewood Aquatic Centre's significance and celebrate its legacy. Details to follow.

Why we're closing the facility

  • The facility has had a low amount of use.
  • Availability of other recreation facilities in the area.
  • Council invested in MNP Community & Sport Centre's Leisure Expansion Aquatics Project.
  • The facility requires major electrical repairs requiring temporary closure and is estimated to cost $600,000.
  • There is a risk that the electrical system could unexpectedly fail, resulting in the facility being inoperable.
  • Advancing the closure prevents the need for a costly and lengthy repair of the facility, reducing sudden impacts to the public.


Frequently asked questions

Why doesn't The City build a new aquatic facility on the Inglewood Aquatic Centre site?

Site constraints on the land where Inglewood Aquatic Centre is located do not allow for the development of a new aquatic facility that can respond to the evolving recreation needs of Calgarians.

What will happen to the land?

The City will fulfil its contractual obligations agreed to when it acquired the facility in 1964 by transferring the lands to Marchese Holdings Limited.

The land transfer will occur following demolition of the facility and remediation of the site in spring/summer 2025.

The land will be used as part of the proposed Brewery Rail Lands development, led byMatco Development Corp., providing innovative, compact, livable, mixed-use and transitoriented urban development.

When will MNP Community & Sport Centre's Leisure Expansion Aquatics Project open?

The expansion is expected to be complete in early 2027. The City’s $57.5 million investment into the project with $7.5 million from the Lindsay Park Sports Society and $20 million from the Government of Alberta will provide a wider range of recreation programs and services that meet the needs of the greater downtown area, surrounding communities and all Calgarians.

The project includes a lazy river, tot pool with play structure, a whirlpool / hot tub, a teach pool and waterslides.

Will The City be permanently closing any other aquatic facilities due to the need for electrical repairs?

The City does not currently have plans to permanently close any other City-operated aquatic facilities.

Over the next three years, The City intends to conduct electrical work at three aquatic and fitness facilities annually until all facilities have undergone the necessary repairs.

This year, electrical repairs will be completed at Bob Bahan Aquatic & Fitness Centre, Canyon Meadows Aquatic & Fitness Centre and Sir Winston Churchill Aquatic & Recreation Centre.

Electrical repairs were completed at Foothills Aquatic Centre during a recent temporary closure.

Is The City investing in other recreation amenities?

Investing in Calgary’s publicly funded recreation system is required to enable The City and Partners to continue creating, planning and delivering spaces, programs and services that help Calgarians thrive.

GamePLAN, a long-term vision and strategy to shape The City’s approach to delivering inclusive, accessible and sustainable recreation services for the next 10 to 30 years, will guide future business planning, investment and policy.

In 2025, GamePLAN findings and recommendations will be presented to Council, including a Facility Investment Plan. This will document the poor state of public recreation infrastructure, the resulting negative impacts, and the need for immediate and sustained investment.

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