Admission prices and passes - Inglewood

This facility is open. Pool can be used without an appointment.

General admission gives you access to the full facility which includes pool, aquatic climbing wall, swing rope, and more.

All children under the age of eight (8) years must be accompanied and kept within arm’s reach by a responsible person (minimum 14 years of age).

2022 Recreation Passes

Check out our super flexible passes, which grant access to our open pools and fitness facilities. Pay once, play more!

Pre-purchased online admission is based on facility capacity. It does not guarantee admittance, you may be required to wait.

2022 Admission prices

Age Single visit 10x punch card

​​Preschool (0-5)

Free Free

​Child (6-12)



​Youth (13-17)



Adult (18-64)



​Senior (65+)






​Single parent family



* Family includes one or two adults with children living in the same household (children must be under 18 years old).