Toys in the Waterpark

Southland Leisure Centre Toys in the waterpark

Southland Leisure Centre brings out the water toys! Try your hand at the inflatable obstacle course or our walk on water balls.

This feature is currently closed.

Ever wanted to walk on water? Now you can!

Climb inside these inflatable 2-meter balls and experience "walking on water." Check them out at Southland Leisure Centre for some serious hamster-ball fun!

Where can I try them?

Southland leisure Centre.

Who can try them?

Anyone aged 8 and up can try them without an adult present. Children under the age of 8 should have an adult in the water beside them. Balls are tethered and the line is held by a monitor.

How much does it cost?

There is no extra fee for using the balls. Visit Leisure Centre Fees for general admission prices.

About the WOW Balls

The cup-like construction of the outer surface grips and paddles through the water as you spin the globe, allowing you to rock-and-roll across the water quickly. There are two entry/exit portholes and handles on the interior and exterior to allow for easy entries and exits.