Airport Trail N.E. - Phase 2

Project update - May 2022

Traffic shift to Barlow Trail bridge – June 4, 2022

Crews will be shifting traffic on to the new Barlow Trail bridge June 4, 2022. The new traffic flow in the area can be found here.

When the change takes place drivers can expect to see:

  • Existing traffic signals at the Airport Trail and Barlow Trail detour will temporarily be put on solid green for east-west traffic, and then removed.
  • Through traffic on Airport Trail will remain unchanged.
  • Eastbound Airport Trail to southbound Barlow Trail (airport access) will use the right lane exit ramp.
  • Eastbound Airport Trail to northbound Barlow Trail: drivers will use the right lane exit ramp to the signal-controlled intersection at the top of the ramp, then turn left to northbound Barlow Trail.
  • Westbound Airport Trail to northbound Barlow Trail (and access to 19 Street via 100 Avenue) will use the right lane exit ramp.
  • Westbound Airport Trail to southbound Barlow Trail (airport access): drivers will use the right lane exit ramp to the signal-controlled intersection at the top of the ramp, then turn left to southbound Barlow Trail.
  • Southbound and northbound Barlow Trail traffic will cross the new bridge.
  • Southbound Barlow Trail to westbound Airport Trail will use the new right lane exit ramp on southbound Barlow Trail.
  • Southbound Barlow Trail to eastbound Airport Trail: Drivers will turn left at the signal-controlled intersection south of the new bridge and merge onto the new exit ramp to eastbound Airport Trail.
  • Northbound Barlow Trail to eastbound Airport Trail: drivers will use the new right lane exit ramp on northbound Barlow Trail.
  • Northbound Barlow Trail to westbound Airport Trail (City center and Deerfoot Trail access): follow Barlow Trail across the new bridge to the new right lane loop ramp to exit onto Airport Trail.

Directional signs will be in place when this traffic shift happens on June 4, 2022.

19 Street bridge

A reminder that traffic has now shifted onto the 19 Street bridge for north and southbound traffic. The new traffic flow in the area can be found here.

Airport Trail Extension now open

The Airport Trail extension between Metis Trail and 36 Street N.E. is now open to traffic and completes the Deerfoot to Stoney Trail link providing Calgarians with more options and flexibility to get to the Calgary International Airport.

About the project

Airport Trail N.E. is an important transportation corridor running east-west across the northeast quadrant of Calgary and is a significant part of the city's primary goods movement and primary transit network. It provides access to and from YYC Calgary International Airport and connectivity to communities and commercial areas in northeast Calgary.

Airport Trail - Phase 2 involves three stages:

Stage 1 - Airport Trail Extension

The Airport Trail Extension between 36 Street and 60 Street N.E. will provide motorists travelling to and from northeast Calgary with an excellent connection to Stoney Trail N.E. The roadway between Metis Trail and 60 Street was opened to traffic in December 2019, and the roadway between Metis Trail and 36 Street N.E. will open to traffic in September 2021.

Stage 2 - New interchanges at 19 Street N.E. and Barlow Trail

Major construction activities of the two new interchanges are underway.

Stage 3 - New southbound Stoney Trail to westbound Airport Trail ramp

This construction is complete and the ramp is now open.

All three stages of this project will be opened to traffic in 2022.

Airport Trail - Phase 1 was completed in May 2014 with the opening of the 620 metre, six lane tunnel under the new Airport runway. Along with the Airport Trail tunnel, the phase included widening of Airport Trail from four to six lanes between Barlow Trail and Deerfoot Trail.

Managing the construction zone

When construction begins on the interchanges, here's what you can expect along Airport Trail, east of Deerfoot Trail:

  • Reduced speed limits in construction zones (60 km/hr unless otherwise indicated)
  • Narrowed traffic lanes to make space for crews
  • Intermittent single and double lane closures during weekday off-peak hours
  • Intermittent single and double lane closures on weekends
  • Lane shifts, re-alignments and new traffic patterns

Airport/business access

Throughout the construction of the interchanges, there will be continual access into and exiting the Calgary International Airport.

We recommend motorists and guests add extra time to their journey to arrive at their destination on time. We will make every effort to communicate phases of the project and road detours that could add to delays.

Project background and benefits

Planning and development related to the Airport Trail N.E. corridor has been underway since 1994, the year a preliminary feasibility study was commissioned by the City of Calgary. The corridor is intended to function as a continuous roadway connection between Stoney Trail and Deerfoot Trail, accommodating traffic as part of Calgary's primary goods movement and primary transit networks.

The City's functional planning study for Airport Trail N.E. from Deerfoot Trail to Stoney Trail identifies the medium and long-term transportation requirements, and has developed an access management strategy for the Airport Trail corridor. This functional planning study was approved by City Council in December 2012; it was further refined by the Airport Trail Functional Plan Update, completed in 2017.

On November 6, 2017, the Airport Trail - Phase 2 project was submitted for formal consideration under the first round of National Trade Corridors Fund grant program. The submission was successful, and on July 6, 2018, the Federal Government announced a commitment of $50 million. The Government of Alberta has committed $27.7 million towards this project and the Calgary Airport Authority is committing $20 million towards the construction of the interchanges.

Completion of Airport Trail - Phase 2 will result in these benefits:

  • Constructing the 'missing link' on Airport Trail between 36 Street N.E. and 60 Street N.E. thereby connecting Deerfoot Trail to Stoney Trail.
  • Improved access to-and-from the Calgary International Airport
  • Access to Airport Trail from southbound Stoney Trail.

The new interchanges will effectively manage the movement of goods, services, and people on Airport Trail into and out of YYC Calgary International Airport, and adjacent airport-related developments.

Airport Trail Interchanges

Watch this video to see project construction.

Before and after construction

Click to enlarge image

Project timeline

  • Interchange construction begins - Spring 2020
  • Construction ends - Fall 2022
  • Interchanges open to traffic - Fall 2022

Project budget

  • Estimated project cost - $153.35 million

Funding partners:

  • Government of Canada (National Trade Corridors Fund)
  • Government of Alberta
  • The Calgary Airport Authority
  • The City of Calgary

Staying connected

The City will provide information about this project through this webpage, and will be updating it on a regular basis. For more information, please fill out the online form, or contact 311.

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