Calgary's commitment to anti-racism

Calgary's Commitment to Anti-Racism

The City of Calgary acknowledges the existence of systemic racism. We will listen, learn, and build communities where racialized people and communities have equitable access to City services and programs. As outlined in Council’s Notice of Motion entitled Calgary’s Commitment to Anti-Racism (June 2020), the City of Calgary was directed to undertake a number of actions including:

  • hold a public hearing on systemic racism;
  • establish an Anti-Racism Action Committee to develop and implement a community-based anti-racism strategy:
  • re-evaluate The City’s internal practices and policies through an anti-racism lens;
  • undertake mandatory training on anti-racism; and
  • consider issues of systemic racism in the Community-based Public Safety Taskforce’s work.

This work is underway and is supported by a dedicated program team, the Anti-Racism Action Committee, and external consultants. A City of Calgary Anti-Racism Action Plan will be developed, including a community-based anti-racism strategy, organizational and public safety anti-racism actions, and strategies. The Calgary Police Service is also undertaking anti-racism work.

Improving our workplace for everyone

As we begin 2023, we recognize the people who lead and support the City's Indigenous Relations Office, the Anti-Racism Program, and the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging team. Dr. Linda Kongnetiman, managing lead of the anti-racism program, sits down with her colleagues and City Manager David Duckworth in this video to talk about the challenges and opportunities realized in 2022 and the hope for 2023.

Anti-Racism Action Committee

The Anti-Racism Action Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of a community-based anti-racism strategy that achieves the goals outlined in the Notice of Motion.

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Organization updates

Ernst & Young (EY) will conduct extensive leadership and employee engagement as part of the racial equity assessment of The City’s internal services, practices, and policies. The timeline for the engagement is from June until September.

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Community updates

The community consultants will be reaching out to racialized persons, groups and organizations to invite them to co-host events or participate in focus groups.

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Up to $600,000 was available to eligible non-profit organizations for one-time initiatives to strengthen their organizational effectiveness, increase their programs’ impact, and address emerging issues and trends impacting Calgarians.

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Council updates

On June 15, 2020, a Notice of Motion was passed titled Calgary’s commitment to anti-racism directing work to begin in a number of areas.

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Anti-racism resources

The City of Calgary Anti-Racism team encourages mutual understanding and respect through learning from one another. We’re often reminded of why this work is important and how we need to think about how we can do better.

In the spirit of continuous learning and shared understanding, here are some resources we recommend.

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