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Calgary’s Mental Health and Addiction Funding Allocations

Calgary’s Mental Health and Addiction funding enhances support for existing evidence-based mental health and addiction programs, services, and innovative ideas that bring change at the individual, family, community, policy, or system levels.

The funding process is implemented through three streams, each with its own eligibility criteria. 

Programs and Services: enhancements to existing evidence-based community programs and services that respond to the mental health and addictions related issues affecting Calgarians. 

Connect the Dots! – Programs and Services (2022 – 2023)

Organization Project name and description Funding amount
Alberta Caregivers Association

Living Loss and Grief - A Journey to Awareness and Acceptance: To support caregivers to cope with loneliness, isolation, and burnout.


Alexandra Community Health Centre

Youth Mental Health and Addiction Integration: To provide individual and group mental health therapy within an Integrated Youth Service model to highly vulnerable youth aged 16-24.


Antyx Community Arts Society

Natural Support Through Youth Community Art: To provide natural support programing through art/ hip hop projects that inspires youth to identify mental health supports in their community.

Autism Calgary

Telling Their Stories: Pandemic Mental Health recovery and Prevention for individuals and families living with ASD: To bridge the gap between peer support & professional counselling by providing supportive "Talk Support" and "Peer Mentorship" sessions to facilitate mental health for adults with Autism.


Big Brothers Big Sisters Society of Calgary and Area

Mental Health and Mentoring - Serving our Diverse Community: To build the capacity of staff, mentors and families in mental health resiliency to support children and youth from diverse communities, specifically racialized, Indigenous and sexually and gender diverse.


Calgary Catholic Immigration Society

Centre for Refugee Resilience - Family Focused Therapy: To provide culturally sensitive therapeutic counseling, support services and holistic referrals to newcomer children, youth, and adults who have experienced trauma.


Calgary Immigrant Women's Association

Supports for Immigrants and Refugees with Mental Health and Addictions Issues: To strengthen supports for immigrants dealing with mental health and addictions issues through increased customized culturally sensitive counselling and mental health awareness campaigns.


Canadian Mental Health Association - Calgary Region

Increasing Social Connections: To utilize Peer Support as an engagement and support mechanism for the delivery of Recovery-oriented mental health education (‘Recovery College’) to individuals and families in need.


Centre for Sexuality Society

2S/LGBTQ+ Counselling and Support: To support 2S/LGBTQ+ mental health and wellbeing and enhance individual and community inclusion and resiliency.


Enviros Wilderness School Association

Respite Care Connection: To provide wellness and relief for parents caring for children with mental health and social challenges, while at the same time building social skills and friendships for the children.


Hull Services

Bridging The Gap: to provide support, education, and systems navigation to 16-24 year-olds who struggle with mental health concerns (self-identified or diagnosed).


McMann Youth, Family and Community Services Association

Journey's - Addiction Support for Women: to provide services aimed at reducing risk factors and facilitating successful transitions through recovery by delivering intentional pre/post treatment and wraparound supports.


Punjabi Community Health Services Calgary Society

Mental Health and Addiction Prevention Outreach Program: To provide community awareness, education and information to the South Asian community surrounding mental health, addiction and counselling services.


Sagesse Domestic Violence Prevention Society

Peer Support Group & Individual Support Program: To provide group and individual support to vulnerable Calgarians impacted by domestic violence.


Societe de la petite enfance et de la famille du sud de l'Alberta

Supporting Mental Health: to provide programs and workshops designed to provide a holistic approach to support Francophone families with their mental health and well-being. 


The Canlearn Society for Persons with Learning Difficulties

Multi-Level Social-Emotional Supporty: To provide a multi- tiered support program that improves clients' ability to cope with stress and connects them to natural supports and resources within their community.


The Immigrant Education Society (TIES)

Healthy Minds: Multi-Cultural Mental Health & Wellness Support: To provide multi-cultural mental health intervention that meets the psychological needs of newcomers and other vulnerable Calgarians through strategies that address service gaps and barriers.


Wood's Homes

Inglewood Opportunity Hub Addictions Specialist (Formerly Exit Youth Hub and Outreach Addictions Specialist): to provide one to one harm reduction support to individuals experiencing addictions concerns between the ages of 15-29. The specialist also facilitates psycho-social groups.

Getting Help: What you need, when, where and how you need it
Organization Project name and description Funding amount

Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Society

Mental Health & Addictions Systems Navigation Support Program: To improve access to substance use disorder and mental health treatments for clients of the  of Health Service program.


Calgary Public Library Foundation

Wellness Desk: To deliver mental health support via onsite social workers and service providers for vulnerable Calgarians confronting mental health and addictions challenges.


Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter Association

Strengthening Existing Crisis Support: To increase capacity of the Community Services Counselling Program to provide gender inclusive, response based and client-centered safety planning, case planning, wrap-around support, counselling, and navigation of community resources.


CUPS Calgary Society

Mental Health Support Groups: To provide grief & loss and Opioid Agonist Treatment-themed support groups for low- income and unstably housed Calgarians


Jewish Family Service (Calgary)

Coordinated Older Adult Mental Health Response: To provide targeted wrap around support to address mental health, addictions, social impacts and physical health of older adults.


Miskanawah Community Services Association

Miskanawah Healing Lodge: To provide comprehensive mental health supports and services through a holistic, Indigenous lens for Indigenous peoples living in the city of Calgary.


Northeast Addiction and Mental Health Centre for Holistic Recovery

Intensive Family Support Program: To implement a virtual Intensive Family Support Program (IFSP) to improve health outcomes for both mental health and addiction patients and their families.


Pregnancy, Infant & Child Loss Support Centre

Journey through Grief: To provide mental health and grief recovery support to individuals experiencing long term trauma caused by miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant death.


RESET Society of Calgary

EXploitation Intervention & Transition (EXIT) Program: To provide immediate rapid-exit programming including housing, intensive case management, and comprehensive wrap-around support to women and girls 16+ exiting sexual exploitation.


Skipping Stone

Mental Health and Peer Support: To deliver mental health and peer support programs that support trans and gender diverse individuals and their families.


The Catholic Family Service of Calgary

Community Connect YYC Phase 3: To make access to affordable, timely mental health supports easier than ever at, where clients can book a variety of counselling services 24/7 for diverse needs.


Trellis Society for Community Impact

Youth and Family Therapist: To provide therapeutic supports for families to increase mental wellness and adaptive skills and create environments for optimal individual and family development.


Vecova Centre for Disability Services and Research

Vecova's Pan-Disability Mental Health Supports: To increase help for persons with disabilities in Calgary experiencing worsening mental health and difficulty accessing the services they need.


Community Action on Mental Health and Addiction - Programs and Services (2019 – 2021)

Organization Project name and description Funding amount
Calgary Alpha House Society DOAP 2.0: Building relationships with downtown businesses on Stephen Avenue and in East Village, as well as coordinating access to medical, shelter, housing and addiction programs $274,324 
Organization Project name and description 2021 funding amount
Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary First Contacts: Indigenous Outreach Program at the Iitaohkanitsini'kotsiio'p Hub: Providing assistance to Indigenous people experiencing opioid and substance abuse crises via Indigenous Hub at SORCe $200,000 
McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association Journeys - Addiction Supports for Women: Providing integrated supports to pregnant or parenting women with addictions to reduce risk factors $308,926 
RESET Society of Calgary Exploitation Intervention & Transition (EXIT) Program: Facilitating and supporting safe exit from sexual exploitation and/or sex trafficking for women and their children $131,290 
Organization Project name and description 2021 funding amount
Alexandra Community Health Centre Youth Mental Health and Addictions Integration: Providing an integrated support to youth aged 12 to 24 years to prevent serious mental health and addictions issues and concurrent problems in adulthood $342,000 
Autism Calgary Association Telling Their Stories: Strengthening Mental Health for individuals and families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder through one-on-one Adult Talk Support and virtual social networks $80,002
Big Brothers Big Sisters Society of Calgary and Area Mentoring for Mental Health: Increasing resilience of children and youth at risk of, or who are currently experiencing poor mental health $88,095
Calgary Catholic Immigration Society Centre for Refugee Resilience Family Therapy: Providing couselling and case management for refugee families through a client-centred and culturally -responsive approach $170,975
Calgary Immigrant Women's Association Supports for Immigrants and Refugees with Mental Health and Addiction Issues: Promoting help-seeking behaviour among immigrant women and their families, and connecting them to community resources $114,289
Centre for Sexuality Society LGBTQ Counselling and Support: Addressing the immediate and longer term challenges faced by LGBTQ community members through counselling and natural support development $85,000
Canadian Mental Health Association - Calgary Region Increasing Social Connections: Providing an integrated mental health and substance use supports that strengthen community-based mental health solutions and empower individuals and families $250,000
Carya Society of Calgary Act Out: Providing early intervention, skill-development program for grade 8 students and bridging them to Carya's continuum of support for youth and families $49,722
Closer to Home Community Services Society Community Connections - Mental Health and Well-being: Increasing knowledge of resources, social-emotional coping skills and social supports that mitigate mental health through the Teaching Family Model and parent support groups $191,837
Distress Centre Calgary Enhancing Online Crisis Support: Providing accessible, no-cost crisis intervention services that empower community members to make independent choices that enhance their quality of life $121,000
Hull Services Bridging the Gap: Providing services to young adults who are experiencing mental health concerns, issues with well-being, and barriers to service to help them access services, learn new skills and strengthen their support network $211,975
Punjabi Community Health Services Calgary Society Mental Health and Addiction Prevention Outreach for South Asian Community: Increasing awareness around mental health conditions, symptoms, coping strategies, and resources $100,000
Society de la petite enfance et de la famille du sud de l'Alberta  Supporting Mental Health in French: Supporting Francophone families through workshops and activities to promote awareness of mental health issues $46,200
Wood's Homes Exit Youth Hub and Outreach Addictions Specialist: Providing immediate on-site intervention, community prevention and diversion addictions support to vulnerable and at risk youth $103,606

Fast Pilot Initiatives: innovative ideas that bring change at the individual, family, community and policy or system levels funded in partnership with the Community Investment Table.

2021 Change Can’t Wait! – Pilot Projects

Organization Project name and description 2021 Round 3  funding amount
Calgary Korean Women's Association

Wellness Webinar Series - Promoting A Healthy Community: To promote health and wellness as well as support the Korean community through a webinar series.

The Immigrant Education Society 

Linking All Cultures Equitably (LACE) to Address Mental Health Needs of Newcomers: To collaboratively address gaps in services and target unique barriers experienced by newcomers and ethno-cultural Calgarians in accessing services for mental health and addictions.

University of Calgary

University of Calgary Recovery Community: To promote recovery from addiction, building community, and combatting addiction stigma on campus.

Inn From the Cold Society

Vicarious Trauma Support Pilot Project: To implement a Vicarious Trauma Support Program for front-line workers.

Hull Services

Helping Parents Navigate Children and Youth Mental Health and Addiction Supports: To help parents of children and youth struggling with mental health and addiction effectively navigate available resources and supports within our community.

Siksika Family Services

A Culturally Based Recovery Program for Urban Siksika Nation Members facing Mental Health and Addiction: To support Siksika Nation members residing in Calgary and dealing with mental health and addiction issues.

ECSSEN Career School

Calgary Chinese Mental Health Outreach Campaign: To promote mental health awareness and de-stigmatize mental health topics through an outreach campaign for the Calgary Chinese Community.

The Healing Centred Cooperative

Mental Health Needs from long COVID: To create a music-based mental health and wellbeing program to immigrants presenting at a COVID-19 followup clinic with outreach into communities dealing with unmet mental health needs.

MPC Foundation

From Night to Light: To implement a self-care program for seniors and older adults to acquire transformative mental health strategies to mitigate Covid19 trauma.

Calgary Immigrant Women's Association

Neighbourhood Walk and Talk for Immigrant Moms and Tots: To increase physical and mental wellbeing of immigrant mothers with young children through outdoor activities that foster social inlcusion.

The Calgary Between Friends Club

G.L.O.W. (Group Learning Opportunities and Workshops): To provide inclusive personal development and wellness workshops for people with disabilities centered around Social and Emotional Development, Health and Wellness Strategies, and Community Engagement.

Calgary Reads (An Early Literacy Initiative) Society

Promoting Family Mental Health through Little Red Reading House Visits: To incorporate mental health and wellness awareness component to family visits to  Little Red Reading House. 


The Colour Factor Ltd.

Community Care Circle: To provide an accessible virtual space for peer connection, healing and sharing mental health and wellness tools and resources specific to the unique needs of Black, Indigenous and Racialized communities.


Calgary Towhid Centre 

Culturally-Informed Community Helpers Program - A Change from Inside: To train and support existing “natural” helpers within the community, that help reduce mental health service disparity and bridge the informal and formal support for  Farsi-speaking communities in Calgary.

Muslims Community Foundation of Calgary

Wellness program: To  provide culturally relevant and responsive mental health and wellness services and early intervention of those experiencing mental health issues.

Umoja Community Mosaic

The Mental Game: To integrate mental health skills and knowledge building into a community based soccer drop-in program.

Immigrant Outreach Society

Culturally Appropriate Mental Health Intervention (CAMHI): To provide culturally appropriate clinical mental health interventions for immigrants of East African Origin.

Buds in Bloom/Bourgeons en Éclat

The Buds in Bloom Digital Storytelling Project: To increase wellness and community belonging of parents of children with disabilities through digital storytelling.


Ethiocare Youth Mental Health Worker: To provide mental health and addiction outreach services for youth and families across the East African communites in Calgary.


Total 2021 Change Can't Wait! Allocations


2020 Change Can’t Wait! – Pilot Projects

Organization Project Name and Description Funding Amount
Alberta Caregivers Association (Caregivers Alberta)

Specialized Caregiver Coach for Caregiver Capacity: Coaches to deliver a five week 'COMPASS for the Caregiver’ program and provide support to caregivers.

$ 33,400
Alberta Health Services - EMS Mobile Community Response Teams City Centre and Street CCRED (Community Capacity in: Education and Development)

Mobile Street Health Team: Connecting vulnerable Calgarians accessing Emergency Medical Services to social supports and community connections through health navigators.  

Alberta Health Services and Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary

Recovery Coaches: Providing peer support for individuals with substance use disorder to navigate community resources and receive tailored care.  

Alberta Recreation and Parks Association

Treaty 7 Elders Sharing Circles Calgary and Beyond: Program to virtually connect Elders through online sharing circles.

$ 5,000
Calgary Alpha House Society  

Shelter Diversion: Supporting individuals entering the shelter system for the first time to navigate their mental health and addiction needs and connect them with the appropriate resources.

Calgary Catholic Immigration Society  

Language Link to Mainstream Mental Health: Providing language support for newcomers to access mainstream mental health services.

Calgary Counselling Centre and Canadian Mental Health Association - Calgary

Service Navigation for Vulnerable Calgarians: Bridging and connecting Calgarians to the best resources for their specific needs across different agencies.

Calgary Downtown Association  

Ambassador Pilot Program - 9 Block and Stephen Avenue: Ambassadors have an essential role in promoting and supporting a safe, clean, and inclusive downtown.  

$ 45,000
Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network

Anxiety Workshops for all Calgarians: Training to deliver Cognitive Behavioral Therapy programs for anxiety.

Calgary Immigrant Women's Association  

Speak Up, Speak Out: Open Up about Mental Health: A train-the-trainer approach creates mental health ambassadors that can connect with their communities.

$ 10,000
Calgary Public Library  

The Community Wellness Desk at the Calgary Public Library: In partnership with organizations such as Wood’s Homes and the DOAP Team, the Library will deliver mental health support via onsite social workers and service providers for vulnerable Calgarians confronting mental health and addictions challenges.

$ 22,800
Calgary Reads  

Piloting the Comfort Collection Mental Health Bundle: Client families will receive a book bundle with three curated books and parent resource providing strategies to promote children’s mental wellbeing through reading, and access to training videos.

$ 25,000
Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary, RESILIEN and Synaptic Spinal Cord Neuro Rehabilitation Centre

RESILIEN Confidential Wellness Wayfinder: Connecting Calgarians with relevant mental health services and peer support through a website/app.

Carya Society of Calgary  

Older Adult Men's Wellness Workshop and Peer Support: Delivering wellness workshops for older adult men to build knowledge, develop skills, and connect with regular, ongoing peer support meetings

CUPS Calgary Society  

Autism Spectrum Disorder Screening and Education Program: Education and research initative to reduce stigma and better support people with Autism that are accessing services in the homeless sector.

$ 18,200
Enviros Wilderness School Association

Accredited Wilderness Addiction Treatment Program: Delivering a 30-day Indigenous land-based-teaching treatment program for Indigenous youth.  

Families Matter Society  

Creative Kits for Youth: Mental health focused kits and programming for youth.

$ 37,500
Jewish Family Services  

Seniors Mental Health and Addictions Outreach Team: Providing short term, in home, care to seniors to increase protective factors, identify risk, navigate resources, reduce isolation, and create safety action plans.  

Peer to Peer Labs Ltd.  

Automated Self-Service Health Website: Connecting Calgarians to available mental health and addiction services, including community care options.  

Punjabi Community Health Services Calgary Society  

East Meets West Mental Health Campaign and Forum: Campaign that focuses on mental health of the South Asian community and forum/conference facilitated by leaders and experts in the South Asian and multicultural Mental Health targeted improving the delivery of services for the South Asian ethnic group.

$ 20,000

Recovery Employment Cooperative: A social enterprise cooperative which will improve recovery and employment outcomes for people transitioning from addiction treatment to the workplace.

$ 58,400
The Catholic Family Service of Calgary, YWCA, CUPS, Centre for Sexuality, Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary, Distress Centre, and Collabo Systems

Online Connection Tool and Booking Solution: Connecting Calgarians to counselling services and appointment bookings with multiple organizations in one online tool.

  The Colour Factor  

Cultural Healing Tools for the Racialized Community: Three cultural healing events that draw on and share the rich wellness practices within African, Indigenous, and South Asian cultures.

$ 22,834
  The Colour Factor  

Nurture Your Narrative: A Mental Health Storytelling Workshop: Storytelling project to create digital stories about people's lived experience with mental health, the importance of removing stigma, and how to improve the system of care. Includes a showcase to share the stories with the community.

$ 29,975
The Immigrant Education Society (TIES)  

Pedagogy-based Emotional and Mental Wellness Intervention Pilot for Newcomers: Infusing strength-based, emotional wellness pedagogy into the teaching, classroom management, and lesson planning at settlement agencies.

$ 74,495
The Immigrant Education Society (TIES)  

Immigrant Family-based Interpreters for Emotional Wellness Supports: Introducing information into Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) courses about how to better support family-based interpreters.

$ 72,655
The SHARP Foundation & Habitus Consulting Collective  

Learn Together, Recover Together, and Resilient Together, South Calgary: Collaborative community development art project to build community and reduce stigma for SHARP foundation clients.

$ 25,000
University of Calgary - Faculty of Nursing and Centre for Suicide Prevention

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST): Integrating ASIST training into the Faculty of Nursing curriculum.  

University of Calgary and Punjabi Community Health Services

South Asian Youth Mental Health (SAYMH) Outreach Ambassador: Training South Asian youth to become mental health ambassadors for the South Asian community.


Targeted Projects: initiatives designed in partnership with city administration and strategy groups to address system-level gaps to support a specific action of Calgary’s Mental Health and Addiction Strategy.

2022 – Targeted Investment

Organization Project Name and Description Funding Amount
Distress Centre Calgary, 211, Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network and Alberta Health Services.

Enhanced Connections between Health and Community: Closed Loop Referral Pilot: Connecting Primary Care Network patients to resources that may improve their social determinants of health through a closed loop referral process with 21

University of Calgary –The Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research & Education & Calgary Board of Education.

Optimizing School-based Mental Health Interventions for Calgary students: A three-year project to develop and implement school-based mental health assessments and interventions for adolescents in Calgary with emergent emotional and behavioural issues.  

$471, 525

2021 – Targeted Investment

2021 Funded Projects Allocated Amount

Systems Mapping Initiative: Calgary’s Mental Health and Addiction Strategy is developing a visual map of services and supports along with an interactive dashboard to better understand how available mental health and addiction supports and services are used and experienced by Calgarians.


This initiative is funded in partnership with the Community Investment Table.