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Fall 2020 Calgary AfterSchool programming

We are working with community partners to develop Calgary AfterSchool programming for Fall 2020. Safety is a priority in our programs. We are working closely with The Province and school board contacts to have safe return to programming guidelines in place for the Fall. Watch this space for more details as they become available.

The following is an overview of some frequently asked questions regarding Calgary AfterSchool. Please note that after school programming offered by our Community Partners may have different policies, procedures and guidelines. If you have a question about a program offered by a Community Partner, please ask them directly.

How much does Calgary AfterSchool cost?

All Calgary AfterSchool programs are free or low-cost for children and youth to participate in.

Do I need to register my son and / or daughter?

No, Calgary AfterSchool is a drop-in program which means children and youth can come on their own anytime.

How can I be sure that my son and / or daughter will be safe?

We are committed to providing children and youth with safe, accessible and supervised after school programs that help play a positive role in a young person’s ongoing physical and social development.

All our employees who facilitate our youth programs are trained recreation leaders who are required to undergo a comprehensive background check.

What happens if my child gets hurt?

Safety is the number one priority for our Calgary AfterSchool programs.

While all our employees who facilitate our youth programs are trained recreation leaders with first aid certification, sometimes accidents do happen. In the event of an injury, we will contact the parents and guardians using the contact information that has been provided. We also make a report of all incidents so that we can re-examine our policies and best practices.

What happens if an AfterSchool program reaches its capacity?

For the safety of all children participating, we adhere to a minimum ratio of 1:15 of staff to participants to ensure all children can be adequately supervised.

Many of our programs have staffing procedures in place to ensure our minimum supervision ratio is met. In the unlikely event that the number of participants exceeds our space limitations, we recommend contacting 311 for additional programming options.

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