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Green Line LRT Project

Construction updates for Green Line

Projects such as utility relocations, land preparation, environmental remediation and transit improvements typically require long lead times and ample resources. Proactively completing these projects in advance of major Green Line construction will help manage project timelines and risks, and will allow future Green Line construction to occur more efficiently.

Types of Enabling Works projects include: land preparation, heavy rail projects, transit improvements, environmental remediation, and utility relocations.

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Green Line Enabling Works

Start Date End Date Location Project type Impacts Description and Status
Ongoing   Adelaide Street laneway N/A
  • Parking restricted

No Parking signs are posted in the laneway to allow City Waste and Recycling vehicles to provide services in the area and to ensure adequate turnaround space. This work is part of the preparation for the future Ramsay/Inglewood station.

Status: Parking restrictions remain in effect permanently.

Feb. 15 2021 Ongoing 11 Street, 17 Avenue, 15 Street & Blackfoot Trail S.E. Transmission work and street light relocation
  • Lane restrictions
  • Power outages

Transmission lines are being relocated between Inglewood and the future Ramsay/Inglewood station in Ramsay. Lines are being relocated from 11 Street S.E. and 17 Avenue S.E. to a new route along 15 Street and Blackfoot Trail S.E. Learn more about this projectWeek of April 16, expect lane closures on 17 Avenue S.E. Week of April 26, expect temporary lane and multi-use pathway closure along 11 Street S.E. See the notice from ENMAX for more details.

Status: In progress

April 2021 May 2021 Jefferies Park – 1120-10 Street S.E. Landscaping
  • Possible lane restrictions

Following the completion of the utility relocation work in Jeffries Park, landscaping will be conducted by TELUS to complete this project work. This work was part of the preparation for the future Ramsay/Inglewood station.

Status: Spring completion

Start Date End Date Location Project type Impacts Description and Status
2017 Fall 2021 CN/Highfield area at 34 Avenue S.E.   Green Line infrastructure
  • Impacts to local commercial/industrial sites with some road restrictions on 34 Avenue S.E.

Work is still underway to build a tunnel under the CN tracks to make way for the alignment to the future Highfield station. Work is in progress at:

  • 34 Avenue S.E., between 11 Street S.E. and the cul-de-sac (adjacent to Simmons and Hood Packaging)
  • 34 Avenue S.E., between the CN tracks and Ogden Road S.E. (adjacent to Calgary Metals and Electronic Recycling Association)
  • The sloped natural area and CN tracks between Hood Packaging & Simmons and Calgary Metals & Electronic Recycling Association

Status: Final stage of construction

Start Date End Date Location Project type Impacts Description and Status
Jun. 2020 Fall 2021 24 Street S.E. Storm water pond & Ogden Landfill remediation
  • Minimal noise

Green Line and Water Resources are jointly conducting a project to construct a new dry storm pond and an embankment for the future Green Line LRT in the former Ogden Landfill. This work was part of the preparation for the future Ogden station. Learn more about the project.​

Status: Green Line Ogden Landfill Remediation/LRT Embankment was completed end of December 2020. Water Resources Storm Pond was near substantial completion. This project was shutdown/demobilized at end of 2020 for winter construction. Spring construction will resume to complete landscaping and maintenance/ access road construction with completion by end of summer. Also, a Green Line fence will be constructed along the ROW and Ogden Landfill settlement monitoring points will be removed.

Status: In progress

Nov. 2020 May 30, 2021 34 Avenue S.E., between 11 Street S.E. and Ogden Road S.E. ENMAX utility relocation
  • Power interruptions
  • Lane closure
  • Sidewalk closure
  • Minor noise & vibrations

Modifications to overhead and underground electrical infrastructure to support the future construction of the Ogden Station.  Two directional traffic and access to all businesses will be maintained. ENMAX construction details

Status: Work is expected to be completed in April 2021 and landscaping to take place in May 2021.

TBD TBD 78 Avenue S.E. Road widening and underpass project
  • Noise
  • Heavy machinery operating in the area
  • Lane restrictions
  • Lane rerouting
  • Restriction for walking/wheeling

Work is planned to build an underpass at 78 Avenue S.E. to accommodate the planned street access termination at 69 Street S.E. at the CP rail crossing. The existing access will be rerouted to the underpass. This work will make way for the future Ogden station.  See more information on this project  

Status: Project is dependent on start of segment 1 construction, which is currently being discussed as part of the provincial review. A review of alternative construction and delivery methods for the railway overpass is well underway and the final decision will be based on cost and schedule.

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