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Pothole and sinkhole repair

Potholes can develop anywhere along our city's 16,000 km of paved streets and 2,900 km of back lanes in Calgary.

Repairing potholes is a big part of maintaining Calgary's roads. Work generally begins in April and continues through the summer. Dry pavement and warm weather is needed for a lasting fix. Repairs are completed on a priority basis.

To identify pavement in need of repair, The City inspects major roads twice a month and collector roads once a month. In residential areas, we rely on citizens and City crews to report concerns. Please submit an online service request to report potholes in your community.



A sinkhole is caused when the road surface suddenly collapses because the soil below is removed by water or other forces. Sinkholes are typically caused by:

  • Water main breaks
  • Intensive rain and flooding
  • Ground-water pumping
  • Construction and development practices

Stay safe and avoid sinkholes

For your safety, stay far back from the edge of the sinkhole. It is important you do not drive or enter a sinkhole area.

The size of sinkhole is difficult to assess simply by looking at the opening on the surface. Sometimes, there is only a small opening on the surface but the water has caused several metres of the soil beneath the opening to erode.

Report a sinkhole

If the sinkhole concern poses an immediate danger to people or property call 911.

If no immediate danger exists, report a sinkhole by creating the eService below:

Sinkhole related information