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Street use permit

A street use permit is required to exclusively use any City road right-of-way, that is, a street, a sidewalk, an alley, a walkway, a back lane, a boulevard, or traffic control set-up.

Street use permits are obtained for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Placement of materials (landscaping),
  • Loading or unloading materials and equipment,
  • To enforce temporary no parking (additional Temporary No Parking permit is required),
  • Placement of a garbage bin or a moving container,
  • Parking for buses,
  • Restricting the use of a city road right-of-way for construction activities (examples, a lane, a sidewalk, an alley or a road closure), or
  • Reserving space for filming or moving.

Permits are issued at the discretion of the Traffic Engineer, as per  Streets Bylaw 20M88.

Temporary no parking permit

A temporary no parking permit is required to restrict parking on a curb lane for personal use, construction, or moving equipment within a Calgary road right-of-way. The permit holder is responsible for obtaining signage from an authorized third party, signage must be set up 12 hours in advance.

Temporary no parking permits are only issued in conjunction with street use permits. Please apply for both permits at the same time.

How to apply

Once you register for a myID, you will be able to log into ePermits to apply. If you need help or additional explanation when using the ePermits website, please see the ePermit frequently asked questions.

Note: If you also require a Temporary No Parking permit (no cost), please apply for this when you apply for your street use permit.

Permit costs

$22.50 + GST per day or $6652.10 + GST per year (annual permit), plus:

  • Traffic control setup fees: minimum of $400, additional costs depending on the complexity of the setup.
  • Parking fees: Core, Downtown, and Beltline fees charged by Calgary Parking Authority.
  • Street Use Permits may be subject to a planning and coordination fee.​

Temporary no parking permit:

  • There is no fee for a temporary no parking permit.
  • The permit holder is responsible for obtaining signage from an authorized third party at their own cost.

24 hours a day, seven days a week using your City of Calgary myID


$22.50 + GST for each calendar day, or
$6652.10 + GST per year (annual permit).

Additional fees may apply, including:

  • Traffic control setup fees
  • Parking fees

No fee for a Temporary No Parking permit. all costs are included in the Street use permit, please apply for both permits at the same time.


Minimum of four business days to process.

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