Foster a pet

Provide a loving home for an animal in need

Apply to be an animal foster parent

Fostering a cat or dog is a wonderful way to make a big difference. When you open your home to foster a pet, you're giving them a safe and loving space to thrive. You will also gain valuable experience that can boost your resume.

Whether they're recovering from illness, working on their behaviour, or just waiting for their forever family, your care means the world to these animals. Foster parents like you play a crucial role in giving extra love and attention to pets who need it most. And by fostering, you're not only saving lives but you’re also helping us rescue more animals in need.

Join us in making a positive impact and changing lives by choosing to foster today. 

What do foster parents do?

When you become a foster parent, you're welcoming a furry friend into your home and becoming their superhero caregiver. It's all about giving them the love and care they need to become ready for their forever home. This includes:

  • feeding them
  • keeping them active
  • making sure they look their best
  • showering them with affection
  • sometimes giving medicine or helping them with a behaviour

The Animal Services Centre is available to help you care for your animal. We’ll provide all the essentials like veterinarian care, medications, food, bowls, collars, and toys. For cats, we'll provide a carrier, litter box, and litter. And for dogs, we’ll provide a leash, harness, poop bags, and a Kong toy.

The Animal Care team and Animal Behaviour Coordinators at the Animal Services Centre are also here to offer support, guidance, and all the education you need to be the best foster parent possible.

Process to become a foster parent

  1. Apply online
  2. In-person interview
  3. Reference and Police Information checks
  4. Online training
  5. In-person orientation and training (three hours)
  6. Ready to foster!

Volunteers with the City of Calgary are required to participate in annual progressive reviews as an opportunity to identify areas where additional support or training is needed to be successful in their role. New volunteers for the foster program will undergo reviews after each foster assignment. As foster volunteers become more experienced, review frequency will be adjusted accordingly. Foster volunteers must be 18-years-old or older to apply.