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Electronics like televisions, computers and printers can be recycled in Calgary in an environmentally sound and safe way instead of being buried in the landfill.

For a list of electronics recycling items we accept and drop-off locations, visit Electronics Recycling for Residents.


Why is electronics recycling important?

Electronic waste or e-waste:

  • Is the fastest growing type of waste in North America.
  • Does not decompose in landfill sites.
  • Is a valuable resource - 300 per cent richer in precious metal than virgin ore.
  • Contains hazardous, yet highly recyclable material (an average computer contains as much as four pounds of lead).

The electronics processors participating in the Alberta Recycling Programs are held to stringent health, safety and environmental standards.


What can we do with electronics?

  • Reduce - Many reusable parts can be used to refurbish other equipment. When you buy refurbished equipment you are helping reduce what goes into the landfill.
  • Reuse - Many electronics still work even if they are outdated. They can be sold on bartering websites like Facebook Marketplace or given away to friends, family or charities.
  • Recycle - All kinds of metals, glass and other materials from electronic waste can be recycled.

Electrics are disassembled in Alberta and the recovered plastics, metals and glass are sold in marketplaces around the world.


Can businesses use the electronic recycling depots?

The electronics recycling programs are for residential use only. 


Can I recycle electronics that still work? Where do I take electronics that are not part of your program?

The City's electronics recycling program is for end-of-life items that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

If you have electronics that still work, they can be donated or reused.

  • Residential

    For electronics donation options, please use the What Goes Where search tool to look up locations.

  • Businesses

    For large donations of electronics, please use the Know Before You Throw search tool for businesses.

You can also visit our partner electronics processors for more recycling options. Please note that many of the processors have Calgary sites even if their head office is not located in the city.

You may also want to check with the original manufacturer to see if they have a recycling program in place.

Please note: Make sure to remove all your personal information from computer hard drives and other storage media before donating for reuse.


What is the electronics environmental fee?

The Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) manages Canada's first province-wide end-of-life electronics recycling program. Since Feb. 1, 2005, consumers have paid an environmental fee on new purchases of TVs, computers and related electronic equipment.

Municipalities across Alberta, including Calgary, receive a share of the fees collected to subsidize the cost of collecting, transporting and recycling designated electronics like TVs and computers.

These fees range from $5 to $45, and subsidize the collection, transportation and recycling of old and unusable equipment. For a list of rates and more information on this program, visit the Alberta Recycling Management Authority or call toll-free at 1-888-999-8762.


Why can’t I put electronics in the blue cart for recycling?

The recycling facility is not set up to handle electronics. They can cause damage to the equipment and harm workers. Electronics need to be brought to an electronics recycling drop-off for proper handling and processing.


I still have questions about electronics recycling. Who can I contact?

For more information about The City of Calgary's electronics recycling program, contact 311. For more information about Alberta's electronics recycling program, contact the Alberta Recycling Management Authority at 1-888-999-8762.​​​