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On January 30, 2024, Calgary City Council voted to begin the process to consider repealing the existing Single-Use Items Bylaw (1H2023), following deliberation and consideration of various factors impacting our city's residents, businesses, and waste reduction efforts. The process takes time due to legislative requirements, and the item is currently expected to be discussed at a Public Hearing meeting of Council on May 7, 2024.

The current Single-use Items Bylaw is still in effect until the repeal process is complete, and as such, businesses can be expected to follow it as they would any other bylaw.

What is the repeal process

  • Council must adhere to the same process that was followed to enact the original bylaw. 
  • In the case of the Single-use Items Bylaw, a notice was given to the public (Nov. 2022) and a public hearing (Jan. 2023) was held. Therefore, to repeal the bylaw, the advertising and submission period must be observed. 
  • Council cannot pass the repeal until 60 days after the advertising is complete to allow for a feedback submission period.
  • Until the bylaw is repealed in accordance with the above timelines, it remains in effect.

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If you have questions regarding the bylaw or the repeal, fill out the online service request below or contact 311.

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Repeal Period

The current bylaw is still in effect until the repeal process is complete.


During the appeal process businesses are required to:
  • Charge a minimum fee for new paper and reusable shopping bags.
  • Provide shopping bags by request only.
  • Provide foodware accessories by request only.


During the appeal process Calgarians can expect the following:
  • Businesses to ask them if they want a paper or reusable bag.
  • The minimum mandatory fees will be charged for new paper and reusable bags.
  • Businesses to ask them if they require any foodware accessories. 
  • The bylaw does not require businesses to charge for cups, lids, condiments, etc. They are free to apply costs to these items as part of their operations.


Waste & Recycling Services always takes an education-first approach to new initiatives, and this bylaw has been handled in the same way. Waste & Recycling Services will review any inquiries or complaints that are received, and continue to educate businesses on actions they can take to help reduce waste. 

We ask that Calgarians continue to be kind and respectful to businesses and their staff as they continue to apply the bylaw requirements.

When will the public hearing be on the repeal?

The Public Hearing meeting of Council will be on Tuesday, May 7, 2024. Public submission information.

Will stores be able to use plastic bags again?

With the City’s bylaw being repealed, it does not mean that businesses will be able to use plastic bags, cutlery or straws as those items still fall under the Government of Canada’s Single-use Plastics Prohibition Regulations. The regulations ban the manufacture of plastic shopping bags, plastic straws, stir sticks, utensils, foam cups, and other types of plastics that are difficult to recycle.

I thought the federal plastics ban was overturned. What is happening?

In November 2023, the Federal Court issued a ruling overturning the federal government’s Ministerial Order designating all plastic manufactured items to be “toxic substances” under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). This ruling has raised questions about the federal Single-use Plastics Prohibition Regulations; however, the regulations are still in effect. Businesses who manufacture, distribute, sell, supply or use the six categories of single-use plastic products should continue to comply with the regulations and not make any changes to their existing plans.