Water meters in Calgary

A water meter measures the amount of water your home uses. Nearly all Calgary homes have water meters installed as part of the Water Utility Bylaw 40M2006. The City of Calgary supplies water meters to properties and will replace them at no charge when the meter has reached the end of its lifecycle. 

Water meters play an important role in conserving water and saving money on your water utility statement. With a water meter, you only pay for the water you use, and you can also track your usage, which makes it easier to conserve water. To learn more about how much water the average household uses, visit Water Rates.

A water meter can also help you detect leaks or plumbing issues in your home. If you detect a water leak or your bill is higher than expected, use the high water consumption checklist and see our tips for basic water leak repairs you can do yourself or where you may need to hire a professional plumber.

How does a water meter work?

A water meter is a mechanical device that is connected to your water connection and only registers consumption when water is being used, such as a tap being turned on or a toilet being flushed. There are no electric components inside a water meter.

For an explanation of how a water meter works, watch the Mechanics of Water Meter video.

Meters are installed just above the main water shut-off valve in your home. This is usually in the basement and is located on a pipe that comes out of your basement floor. Most water meters have a transmitter that is remotely read for billing purposes. Watch a short video on water meter replacement, testing and accuracy.

To learn which type of meter you have and how to read it, visit How to Read Your Water Meter.

How to have a water meter installed

A water meter is mandatory and having one installed is simple. Both the meter and installation for a new meter are free of charge. For details on requesting a water meter, visit Water Meter Installations, or call 311.

Maintaining your water meter

Property owners must protect the water meter, valves and pipes located on their property from:

  • freezing
  • excessive heat
  • overheating of water
  • external or internal damage of any kind, or any other thing which may affect the operation of the water meter(s).

If your meter is damaged or missing and you need a replacement, call 311 to report a meter issue.  City staff will follow-up to book an appointment to have your meter inspected. If necessary, your meter will be replaced. Damaged or missing meters are subject to replacement charges. 

Rates for missing, damaged/frozen meters

The 2024 rates for missing, damaged/frozen meters are shown below and are based on the size of the meter. Depending on your property’s meter location and billing set up, missing meter charges may be applied to your ENMAX bill or an invoice may be sent to your property management company/designate via The City of Calgary.


Meter Size Total Charge - Regular Total Charge – Overtime/Emergency

























75mm (turbine)



100mm (turbine)



150mm (turbine)



If you need to disconnect your water service, please visit Water Interruptions and Disconnections.