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Law and Legislative Services

The City of Calgary's Law and Legislative Services is made up of three business units:

  • City Clerk's Office;
  • Law, comprising the Legal Services and Risk Management & Claims divisions and the Corporate Issue Management Program; and
  • Corporate Security.

Together, we:

  • Provide legal, corporate security, and risk and claims management advice to the Mayor and Council, City Manager, General Managers, and business units to help protect The City's interests for all Calgarians.
  • Provide legal expertise on real estate, planning and development, environmental, financial, intellectual property, assessment, tax, freedom of information, contract, municipal law, and legislative matters.
  • Represent The City in lawsuits and quasi-judicial proceedings and conduct prosecutions.
  • Investigate, adjust, collect and settle claims made by and against third parties.
  • Purchase and administer insurance coverage for The City.
  • Provide security services to protect The City's staff, visitors, information and assets.
Law and Legislative Services does not provide legal services to the public.

Members of the public who require legal services are requested to call:

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