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Prevention Investments Capacity-Building funding


Prevention Investments (PI) Capacity-Building funding is available to eligible non-profit organizations to strengthen their organizational effectiveness, increase their programs’ impact, and address emerging issues and trends that are impacting Calgarians.

Non-profit organizations registered under the Societies Act or the Companies Act in Alberta, or the Federal Not-for-profit Corporations Act, and operating within Calgary's city limits are eligible to apply for capacity-building funding. The organization must have a track record of effective program or service delivery. City Council has approved up to $750,000 for capacity-building in 2019. There is no minimum or maximum for each funding request.

Eligible initiatives

Initiatives should meet one of the following requirements:

  • Build the capacity of the non-profit sector, organizations’ and/or programs’ ability to effectively address the needs and interests of Calgarians experiencing vulnerabilities;
  • Align with best and promising practices in social service delivery;
  • Meet the requirements for ONE of the funding categories: Organizational Effectiveness or Emerging Issues.

Please email with your idea first, so that the eligibility of your capacity building initiative can be assessed before you submit an application.

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Funds are available to organizations that are currently supported through one of the prevention investments funding programs administered by The City of Calgary, including Family & Community Support Services, the Crime Prevention Investment Plan, and Community Action on Mental Health and Addiction;
  • Proposals must demonstrate how the initiative strengthens organizational effectiveness and/or enhances program design to meet the needs of Calgarians experiencing vulnerabilities;
  • Expected outcomes: increase clarity of organization’s purpose and impact, improve functioning of Board, leadership and staff; increased program impact that aligns with evidence-based practice; improved ability to collect, analyze and communicate measurement outcomes.

Emerging Issues

  • Funds are available to registered non-profit organizations, including those that are not currently supported through one of the prevention investments funding programs administered by The City of Calgary. This funding addresses systems gaps or sector trends that may be impacting Calgarians experiencing vulnerabilities.
  • Funding is intended for sector-wide initiatives that generally support knowledge development and exchange amongst networks or other collaborative efforts in order to better respond to issues affecting Calgarians experiencing vulnerabilities.
  • Expected outcomes: increase the capacity of non-profit organizations to develop innovative strategies that can address service or system gaps; develop new collaborative networks amongst prevention social service sectors; convene partners to collectively address emerging issues and trends impacting Calgarians experiencing vulnerabilities.

Accounting for use of funds

In addition to a project end report, capacity building funds must also be accounted for via an audited financial statement. If organizations currently receive funding through one of our prevention investment funding programs, funds can be accounted for as part of the organization’s annual global audit.

Application evaluations

Proposals will be evaluated on:

  • Demonstration of need, and evidence to support request;
  • Clear outline of intended outcomes;
  • Alignment with best practice research in the advancement of addressing organizational capacity, program delivery, or service gaps;
  • Demonstration that the initiative is clearly one-time, with the ability to spend the dollars and report on them by December 31, 2019.

The application deadline is March 1, 2019 and applicants will hear back on the success of their application by the end of April 2019.

How to apply for funding

Submit your funding proposal online through the Funding Information Management System (FIMS). Your organization will access FIMS with a myID business account. Learn about how to obtain a myID business account and register for FIMS