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Sharing the road

Sharing the road with emergency vehicles

When driving a vehicle on a city street, your response to an emergency siren should be instinctive: Pull over to the nearest curb and stop. This can be a matter of life and death for someone in need of emergency services.

Drivers must yield right of way to any emergency vehicle sounding a siren.

  • On most streets, with traffic flowing in both directions and lanes divided by a yellow line, drivers should pull to the right and stop.
  • On one-way streets or streets divided by a median, drivers should move left or right to the nearest curb.
  • At a red light, drivers should slowly and cautiously pull into the intersection in the direction of traffic.

Wait until it is safe and all emergency vehicles have passed before proceeding.

Give Us Room To Work Campaign

This is a provincial traffic awareness campaign to promote proper driver response to emergency vehicles on Alberta's roads.

Fire, police and Emergency Medical Services agencies across Alberta have partnered with the Alberta Motor Association and the Alberta Centre for Injury Control and Research to remind Alberta drivers that they must yield to emergency vehicles, even in heavy traffic.