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It's important to educate our youth about why using water wisely today ensures we will have water for tomorrow. Helping them understand the big picture ensures they have the knowledge and the skills required to create sustainable behaviours that will serve them throughout their adulthood.

For teachers or youth group leaders looking for online supplementary teaching resources (related to water use and water conservation), we have provided links to great material in the following areas of interest:

Water facts

Did you know that the City of Calgary has three separate water systems: Drinking water, Stormwater and Wastewater​.

  • Counting on our water
    This Counting on our Water video shows how The City of Calgary manages the quality and delivery of our water supply – from the river, to our taps and back to the river.
  • Water efficient fixtures
    Ever wondered how much water, and money, you can save by installing a water efficient fixture, such as a showerhead, a toilet or a clothes washer? Visit our Water Efficient Fixtures page​ to find out!

Drinking water education

The City of Calgary supplies clean, safe drinking water to homeowners, businesses and industry. The water flows from the Bow and Elbow Rivers to one of two water treatment plants, Glenmore and Bearspaw. Once treated, the water flows through a complex network of reservoirs, pumping stations and underground piping before arriving at the customer's tap.

  • Our drinking water
    Learn more about Calgary's drinking water, including common water quality questions, the safety of our drinking water, and what things to look for in your drinking water.
  • Calgary's water supply
    Where does Calgary’s drinking water comes from? Which rivers supply water to different parts of Calgary? Where is water treated and tested to ensure water quality? Find the answer to these questions and more by visiting our Water Supply page.
  • Water tours in Calgary
    Join us and our partners on one of many exciting and interactive tours. By raft, by bike or by foot, learn all about water in our city. See Water Tours in Calgary​.
  • Drinking water online tour
    Learn how water gets from the river to your tap by taking our online water treatment tour. This tour shows the various processes involved in treating Calgary's wastewater to the highest-quality standards.

Stormwater education

Thousands of feet above the surface of the earth, water molecules change from vapour to liquid in a storm cloud. The water falls to earth as rain. This is where our water story begins. Stormwater from rain and melting snow runs into storm drains and enters Calgary's stormwater system.

  • Low Impact Development in Calgary
    Low Impact Development (LID) is an approach to land development that works with nature to manage stormwater runoff where it falls. LID best management practices offer great potential to help Calgary balance development while also managing stormwater runoff more effectively. Visit Low Impact Development to learn about City of Calgary projects, and how you can apply LID principles at home.
  • YardSmart
    Creating a beautiful yard and protecting our rivers go hand with these YardSmart resources. Learn how to plan and design a YardSmart garden, install a rain garden or rain barrel, and choose water wise perennials, trees and shrubs that are suitable to Calgary’s climate.

Wastewater education

The City of Calgary collects all the wastewater that comes out of homes, schools, hospitals, businesses, car washes and industries in a sanitary sewer system. The wastewater flows through the pipe system by gravity or is pumped to the three wastewater treatment plants: Bonnybrook, Fish Creek and Pine Creek.

  • Fats, oils and greases
    Fats, oils and greases (FOG) shouldn’t go down the drain, as they can cause damage to your home plumbing and The City’s infrastructure. Learn about their proper disposal in this FOG video, and how you can make a big difference from your home.
  • Wastewater online tour
    Learn how waste gets from your home to the treatment plant and back to the river by taking our online wastewater treatment tour. This tour shows the various processes involved in treating Calgary's waste water to the highest-quality standards.
  • Advancing wastewater research and treatment
    Learn about how The City of Calgary and the University of Calgary are partnering to lead the way in wastewater research and advanced treatment at Pine Creek with ACWA (Advancing Canadian Wastewater Assets).