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Pre-Roll Consultation Period

Effective this fall, the Advance Consultation Period (ACP) will be replaced by the Pre-Roll Consultation Period (Pre-Roll), which will run Oct. 2 – Nov. 2, 2018. During this time, you will now have the opportunity to review your preliminary 2019 Property Assessment – before it is finalized and mailed to you in January 2019. Pre-Roll will give you more certainty for next year’s property assessment and help you budget for the upcoming tax year.

Pre-Roll isn’t just a new name on an old program, but a new vision, strategy and customer promise that has clear benefits for our non-residential stakeholders. The vision of Pre-Roll is to provide certainty in assessment values to help non-residential property owners estimate and budget for taxes, as well as alleviate the need to appeal.

So what’s different about Pre-Roll? Pre-Roll is a collaborative approach that’s responsive to the needs of our stakeholders and actively seeks input and feedback on the assessed values. This will be supported by:

  • Better values – we have committed to provide more certain preliminary property assessment values that are more closely aligned to market.
  • A personalized approach – we have formed a Pre-Roll Committee with a team of assessors from each valuation team to be a point person to coordinate discussions, facilitate information exchange and ensure customer responsiveness.
  • Assessment Search improvements – preliminary values for subject properties will be available on Assessment Search throughout Pre-Roll for all non-residential properties. Assessment Explanation Supplements (AESs) for subject properties valued on the income approach will also be available on Assessment Search throughout Pre-Roll.

Preliminary 2019 assessment values

Starting on Oct. 2, you will be able to view your Preliminary 2019 Assessment Value on non-residential properties when you log into Assessment Search. If you haven’t logged into Assessment Search before, you will need to register for a City myID account and then use your roll number and access code (located on a previous year's assessment notice or Pre-Roll Consultation Period invitation letter).

Upon reviewing the preliminary assessment values, we invite you to call our customer service line at 403-268-2888 between the hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, to have a discussion with an assessor to:

  • Advise us of any changes in your property details or incorrect information that may impact your assessment value
  • Exchange relevant market and property information, such as, but not limited to rents, expenses, vacancy and sales information
  • Discuss your estimated 2019 taxes to assist in budget planning for the upcoming tax year

Benefits of the Pre-Roll Consultation Period

The Pre-Roll Consultation Period offers non-residential property owners the opportunity to engage in dialogue with assessors about their preliminary assessed values, provide information and input prior to the finalization of the assessment values.

Is the preliminary value comparable to the value that will be on the 2019 assessment notice?

During Pre-Roll, the assessment values are still being finalized and new information received during or after the Pre-Roll could impact the finalized assessment value.

Although preliminary assessment values and the finalized 2019 Property Assessment can sometimes be different (e.g. new information or market trends identified), Pre-Roll discussions can help minimize variances and lead to increased property tax certainty for owners.

If needed, property owners will also have the Customer Review Period to further discuss 2019 assessment values.​​​