Property Assessment eNotice


Get your paperless Assessment Notice

Sign up to receive your 2023 Property Assessment notice online.

The City of Calgary encourages property owners to go paperless with eNotice. It’s convenient, safe and eco-friendly.

To sign up, property owners will need an Assessment Search account. The steps on how to get an account is noted below. The steps below help to protect your personal information.

Please note: If you sign up before Dec. 1, 2022 you’ll receive your 2023 Property Assessment Notice in your secure Assessment Search account. It will be available when The City delivers annual notices January 2023.

Already have an Assessment Search account?

  • Click on the Notice Delivery Preference on the left-hand side under My Assessment.
  • You will land on the Notice Delivery Preference page. All of your associated properties will be displayed with a default Notice Delivery Method of paper.
  • Select Electronic under My Delivery Preference and submit.
  • Check the box to confirm your email and select Acknowledge.

Need an Assessment Search account?

Step one

STEP ONE: Register for myID personal account
  • To access Assessment Search for personal or individual use, a myID personal account is needed. myID is an online service that provides citizens and business
  • owners access to multiple City services using a single account.
  • If you already have a personal myID account, go to step 2.
  • Select myID personal accounts on the myID account sign on and follow the instructions to set up a myID personal account.
  • If you have any questions about setting up a myID personal account, please contact 311.

Step two

STEP TWO: Sign in after registering for a personal myID account

  • Go to Assessment Search at
  • Click Sign In under Secure Access.
  • Enter your myID username and password, and then click submit.
  • Read and accept the Terms of Use to continue.

Step three

STEP THREE: Link your property assessment account to myID

  • The first time you log in, you will need to link your property assessment account to your myID account.
  • Click Add Property Account.
  • Enter your roll number and access code (located at the top of your assessment notice) in the appropriate field and click submit.

Signup for an eNotice and never wonder where you put your assessment notice again

After a year and a half of living and working at home, sometimes where you put things gets a little fuzzy. You know it’s in the house, but did you file it, did you put it in the home office, or is it in the junk drawer?

When it comes to your annual property assessment notice, Assessment has a solution. Sign-up for eNotice and you’ll have access to your last five property assessment notices on Assessment Search. With a myID account you can logon and link your property assessment information safely, securely and conveniently. You will never have to wonder where you put your notice again. It will always be there – 24/7, accessible from wherever you are.

An Assessment Search account also lets you check, review, update and compare your property details. Confirming the details of your property is important because it establishes your fair share of property tax.

Did you know we offer map search functionality enabling you to compare your property value and property details with your neighbours’ to ensure equity, find recent sales of homes used to value your home, or estimate the property taxes for your future home purchase. No matter why you’re looking, assessment specific information is available for property owners to use, and it’s a free service.

By signing up for eNotice you’re reducing the environmental impact of paper waste and helping The City reduce operational costs. Here’s a little unknown fact about paper waste from Environment Canada, only 1/4 of Canada’s waste paper and paperboard is recycled. By choosing to go paperless and viewing your assessment notice electronically, The City can help keep paper out of our landfills, and reduce our costs  ̶  a win-win for everyone.

To sign-up for eNotice and begin exploring Assessment Search you’ll need a myID account, and your property’s unique access code which is on the front of your current property assessment notice. If you need help finding your notice and access code – please complete this form. For more information about eNotices or Assessment Search please call 403.268.2888.