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The City issues property assessment notices each year in early January, which begins a Customer Review Period. This year’s* Customer Review Period runs from January 4 - March 13, 2023.

We encourage you to review your assessment details and contact Assessment if you have any questions or comments. Reviewing your property assessment notice is important because your property’s value is used to determine your share of property tax. We are committed to providing reliable information and service that you can count on.

Important information regarding assessment notices, ownership and Land Titles Office processing delays

Due to processing delays at the Province of Alberta Land Titles Office, recent ownership and mailing address changes were not reflected on the property assessment notices mailed on January 4, 2023. You should receive your assessment notice within 10 days of mailing. If you have not received your assessment notice, contact AssessmentIf you receive an assessment notice for a property you no longer own, no follow-up is required of you in response to the notice, as you no longer own the property.

To review your property details, sign-in to your Assessment Search secure account or visit About Assessment Search for more information.

*If you received an Amended Assessment Notice, a Supplementary Assessment Notice, or an Amended Supplementary Assessment Notice, then your date range will be different. You will still have a Customer Review Period, but it will be based on the date of your notice. Your Customer Review Period and final date to file a complaint is outlined on your assessment notice.

Tips for reviewing your property assessment

Calgary’s City Assessor, Eddie Lee, shares tips on reviewing property assessments.

Criteria used to determine property values

Calgary’s City Assessor, Eddie Lee, shares information about the criteria used to determine property values.

FAQ: Can I sell my property for the assessment value?

Calgary’s City Assessor, Eddie Lee, answers the frequently asked question: Is my property assessed value the same as what I can sell my property for today?

Understanding how property assessment and tax relate?

Calgary’s City Assessor, Eddie Lee, explains how your property assessment relates to your property tax.

Questions about your property assessment – what to do

Calgary’s City Assessor, Eddie Lee, shares tips on what to do if you have questions about your property assessment.

  • Determining your fair share of property tax

  • How your property assessment helps determine your property tax bill

  • Assessment & taxation in more detail

Step 1: Review your assessment notice

Check the accuracy of your property details and search for comparable properties and sales in your area to ensure your assessment is fair and equitable. It is important to confirm your property details are correct. Here’s how:

Visit About Assessment Search for helpful information and instructions.

For more detailed information on the Calgary market, review the Calgary Market Trend Reports by visiting Assessment roll highlights.

Step 2: Talk to us during the Customer Review Period

If you have any questions or comments about your assessment value, the process, or anything assessment related, call us and we’ll help you. If you are using an agent representative, you will need to authorize them to act on your behalf. Visit Authorize an agent for more information.

The Customer Review Period is the time we dedicate to working with you to review your property assessment. Here is what you can expect when you call Assessment:

What we will do: What you can do:
Verify and confirm information about your property with you. Update us on your property.
If inconsistencies are found, we’ll explain what we need to verify and correct the information. Confirmed inconsistencies will be corrected.

Learn more about how your property was assessed

Share how your property assessment was determined.​

Show us comparable properties you found in Assessment Search.​

​We will look at the different properties that may have been used as comparable properties, including ones that you may have identified in your own research. Make an appointment with an assessor to discuss your property in depth. This year we will be connecting by phone. There is no cost for appointments.
Discuss variables which may have influenced your property value. If we cannot come to a consensus about the assessment of your property, we’ll help you understand how to appeal your assessment with the Assessment Review Board.
Answer your questions in an honest, transparent and respectful manner. Share your questions and comments with us. We’re happy to listen and help if we can.

Step 3: Assessment Review Board: what to do if we can’t reach an agreement

If we are not able to come to a consensus about the assessment of your property, there is a procedure in place to help reach a conclusion. You may file a complaint with the Assessment Review Board (ARB). The ARB is an impartial tribunal that hears and resolves assessment complaints by property owners. A complaint may be filed no later than the final date noted on the front of the assessment notice.

If you choose to file a complaint, your hearing date will be provided to you by the ARB. It is suggested that you gather and prepare the evidence you wish to provide even before you have been given a hearing date. This is an important task as you will need to provide evidence which supports your determination that your assessment is incorrect.

A valid complaint must be accompanied by the required Filing Fee indicated on the front of the assessment notice. When speaking with us (before making a complaint to ARB) we will provide you with a brief, general summary of the steps you will need to follow to file a complaint with ARB.

You can also visit Calgary Assessment Review Board (ARB) for more information and/or to file a complaint online. Contact the ARB if you need a paper copy of the complaint form. Note that if you appoint an agent to act on your behalf during the complaint process, you must complete the Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization Form. Visit Authorize an agent for more information.

Step 4: What to do once the Customer Review Period has ended

If Customer Review Period has ended and the final date to file a complaint on your assessment has passed, there are still opportunities for you to review your property details online and understand how we arrived at the valuation. This will allow you to be prepared for the following year for the next Customer Review Period. You can learn more about our assessment process at Residential property assessment and Non-residential property assessment.

We have other helpful tools and resources online as well. We encourage you to review your property details and check and compare your property characteristics with other properties for equity. You can review your property value for fairness and equity on Assessment Search. Visit About Assessment Search for more information.

You can also call us with any questions or comments you may have. We will explain how we came to the valuation and can share helpful information to show you that the assessment reflects market value (as of July 1 of the year prior to taxation).