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Traffic improvement projects


Traffic improvements



Projects focused on improving traffic congestion and safety,

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Traffic Improvements

Projects focused on improving traffic congestion and safety

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Calgary is growing both in population and in infrastructure, and with this growth comes impacts to traffic on our roadways. To address this issue, The City has developed the Traffic Operational Improvements program (TOI).

The program evaluates various intersections across Calgary that require operational improvements for a variety of reasons like traffic congestion and safety issues. Once an intersection meets the necessary criteria of the TOI program, a temporary traffic pilot or, in some cases, permanent traffic measures will be proposed for installation. Traffic pilot and/or permanent traffic measures could include:

  • Changes to signal timings
  • Temporary roadway restrictions
  • Additional permanent turning lanes

Traffic improvement projects


TOI projects

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Construction of a third lane north and south through the intersection

country hills bv at shaganappi tr


The intersection of Country Hills Boulevard N.W. and Shaganappi Trail N.W. experiences significant congestion in all directions that varies by time of day. In an effort to enhance operations and safety at the intersection, we will be widening the intersection to provide three traffic lanes in the northbound and southbound directions on Shaganappi Trail.

Project Benefits

  • Over 200,000 passenger hours of delay reduced annually, which represents a 30% overall delay reduction in the a.m. and p.m. peak periods.
  • The proposed improvements are expected to reduce collisions by approximately 25% due to reduced congestion, fewer vehicles stopping, as well as it allows more efficient signal timing operations in all directions. Overall the proposed improvements will enhance traffic operations and safety in the area road network.

Construction is expected to be completed Summer 2019.

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Conversion of ramp to a two-way operation

5 Ave. at 3 St. S.E.

In 2018, The City built a protected pedestrian crosswalk on the east side of the intersection as well as created an exit ramp from 4 Street S.E. onto 5 Ave S.E. to allow traffic to continue to flow over the flyover during the pedestrian walk phase.

These improvements provided a protected pedestrian crosswalk across 5 Avenue as well as decreased traffic delay during the dedicated pedestrian walk phase.

Traffic engineers are now studying these changes to determine what further modifications will be made in 2020.

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Temporary Speed Hump – Colborne Crescent S.W.

As part of a traffic calming pilot project, temporary speed humps will be installed on Colborne Crescent S.W. between 10 Street and 14 Street S.W. in November of 2018.

The speed humps have been built from recycled rubber and are secured directly to the roadway. During the pilot, The City will test the effectiveness of the humps on reducing speeding through the area. We will also evaluate how the rubber humps perform during all seasons and weather types.  

Why was this intersection chosen?

Colborne Crescent between 10 Street and 14 Street S.W. was chosen for the pilot based on feedback from residents about changes in traffic patterns due to the reconstruction of 17 Avenue S.W.

Concerns raised by residents included:

  • Increased volume of traffic on Colborne Crescent
  • Residential land uses adjacent to the roadway

Will The City be monitoring this intersection to see if the changes have made any improvement?

Yes, the changes at the intersection include changes to the timing of the traffic signal.

Is The City going to install this at other locations?

No. At this time, The City will not be adding rubber speed humps at other locations. No new locations will be considered until the effectiveness of this traffic calming device is fully evaluated.

Citizen feedback

To give feedback on the temporary speed humps or ask questions about the pilot, please submit a Roads – Traffic Control Change Feedback Service Request.

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The City of Calgary is constructing several improvements on Memorial Drive, near the Edmonton Trail and 4 Street N.E. intersections. A temporary lane reversal was opened to traffic in 2016 as a pilot project.

These improvements were designed to improve safety and access for people who walk or bicycle between Bridgeland and the river path system, and to improve safety and mobility for people driving into downtown during the morning peak period.

The lane reversal will be permanently implemented in the Summer of 2019.