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What's in Calgary's garbage

In 2014, we did a studied what households were throwing away in their black carts.

The study looked at random samples of trash arriving at the landfill. In other words, what was still left over after people used recycling, composting and other waste diversion options.

For single-family homes in Calgary, their black cart is made up of the following items:

  • 15% Recyclables (such as items that can go in blue carts or recycled through other programs)
  • 65% Compostables (36% food, and 29% leaf and yard - items that can go in green carts)
  • 20% Landfill (items that can't be recovered or recycled at this time)

Learn more about the Blue Cart program and Green Cart program.

Book a school tour of a landfill or find other education resources at Waste & Recycling Educator Resources.

Our waste diversion goal

We are moving Calgary toward diverting 70% of waste from our City landfills by 2025.

Learn more about The City of Calgary's waste diversion goal.

What's in Calgary's Garbage Infographic