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Recycle Right

Some things should never go in Blue Cart

Contamination is when the wrong items are put into the carts. This can lead to major safety issues that impact your truck collector, equipment and staff at the recycling facility.

Find out where and how to dispose of your everyday items at What Goes Where. To learn how to use your blue cart the right way, see Recycle Right.

Bag your plastic bags

Stretchy plastic bags can be recycled in the blue cart but they must be prepared the right way.

Bag your bags together

Bundle all your stretchy plastic bags into a single bag and double-knot closed before recycling.

Acceptable bags that can be bundled include:

  • Grocery and shopping bags
  • Ziploc bags
  • Bread bags
  • Plastic film wrap (saran wrap)

No loose bags

Loose bags fly around the recycling facility, jam up the equipment and get stuck in the good recyclables.

Don’t put loose bags in your blue cart.

Keep your recyclables empty, clean and dry

Clean plastic container  

Prepare your recycling

  • Pour out liquids and scrape off food remnants.
  • Rinse out all food containers.
  • Put all recyclables inside the blue cart for pick up.
  • Keep the cart lid closed to prevent wind/rain from damaging materials.

Dirty container  

No dirty recyclables

Food and other residue can contaminate the other recyclables you put in your blue cart. Dirty recyclables also lower the value of the good recyclables making it more difficult to sort and recycle into new products.