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North Calgary Water Servicing Project

About the project

As part of a long-term plan for the water supply system, the North Calgary Water Servicing Project is now entering the Detailed Design stage. A new water supply line (feedermain) is required to service future development and to ensure the sustainability of the water supply system in north Calgary.

The City has engaged AECOM as the project consultant, to complete the design of the new water feedermain from Big Hill West Pump Station to the Beddington Reservoir. A portion of the preferred alignment traverses Nose Hill Park from the southwest to the northeast and will be constructed using tunneling technology. Remaining sections will be constructed, using open-cut methods, along with trenchless crossings of major roadways. The following map shows the proposed alignment:

Overall Project Map

Locations of drillling equipment
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As part of the design process, there is a requirement for geotechnical investigation. This investigation will involve soil sampling and analysis, to determine appropriate pipe materials and construction methodologies to be used.

The geotechnical drilling portion of this project will be completed in two phases:

1) Geotechnical drilling was completed in Nose Hill Park, in early 2017. Remediation was completed in Spring 2017.

2) Geotechnical Drilling Program (February – April 2019)

Follow-up soil investigations are underway to confirm route selection for the North Calgary Water Servicing Strategy project.

Drilling equipment will be present on the route shown below, from February 2019 to April 2019. There will be some single lane closures on 14 St. N.W. during this time. There will also be minor, temporary disruptions to area pathways, during the drilling program.

Geotechnical Drilling Route

Locations of drillling equipment
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Construction Phase:

The project will be constructed in a number of sections, over a period of four years. Anticipated start date is mid-2020.