Regulations for School Facility Use

  • For the safety of all children, parents/guardians dropping off minors at a school should ensure that the school is open, and a coach or supervisor is present before departing.
  • Groups must designate a person to act as an activity supervisor, who will be directly responsible for the safety and conduct of all the individuals in the group, and the group as a whole. Participants and spectators must be supervised at all times.
  • Inappropriate behavior will be reported to the Facility Bookings office. The group will be advised of the complaint and the complaint process. – caretaker sends the issue to the school board, the school board sends to us and we email the group with the nature of the complaint, if damages occur we inform them the school will invoice them for the damages. Added to the rental permit for us to collect. More than three complaints permits can be reneged.  
  • No outside shoes allowed in the Gym. That includes normal shoes and running shoes you have worn to the school. INSIDE RUNNERS AND SOCKS ONLY IN THE GYM. NO CLEATS OF ANY KIND. Rental groups using school facilities must ensure that coaches, spectators and parents as well as participants wear soft soled footwear only, which is not harmful to the floor.
  • Failure to follow these Regulations for School Facility Use may result in a complaint being filed against your group by the school board.  More than three complaints at the same school could mean loss of your booking privileges at that school.

Facility Usage

Meetings, performances, religious services/education

The caretaker will set up/take down up to 200 chairs at no additional charge. For set up/take down of over 200 chairs, groups can either pay the extra fee and the caretaker will set up/take down, or groups may supply volunteers to assist the caretaker with set up/take down within the booked time indicated on permit. Please contact the school at least two weeks prior to the event to coordinate this activity with the caretaker and principal.

Alternative space such as the cafeteria is a great alternative to a gym. Please go to Book a Gymnasium page for more information on how to book these spaces.

Not permitted on facility property

  • Do not put any tape down on the floors. Groups will be responsible for damage to school floors caused by taping, including the cost of repairs.
  • No food or drinks are permitted in the gym unless approved and specified on the facility rental permit.
  • Alcohol is not permitted in any school facility.
  • Smoking and vaping is not permitted on school property, school grounds or in the parking lots.
  • Any object which is either designed, intended or used to threaten or inflict bodily harm on a person, or imitates a weapon, is not permitted on school premises.

Not included in the permit

  • School equipment is not to be used unless approved and specified on the facility rental permit.
  • The stage is off limits. No one is allowed on the stage unless approved and specified on the facility rental permit.
  • The hallways are off limits. No meetings, loitering or playing allowed in the hallways.
  • No playing around the drinking fountains.
  • No playing in the washrooms.
  • The use of showers is not permitted.
  • Canadian Climbers and Climbing Walls are excluded from use by all groups.
  • Entrance and exit doors are to remain closed and free of obstruction at all times. Do not prop any school doors open.
  • Entrance doors will be locked 15 minutes after the booking begins, and will remain locked until end of the booking. The group must monitor the doors to accommodate participants access, should late entry be required.
  • The time booked on the permit should include set up and take down. When your permit end time is up, please leave the building promptly. Do not move into the hallways and hold meetings or socialize.

Equipment/Activity Usage

  • It is the group’s responsibility to confirm that the gym size, ceiling height, courts, volleyball nets and standards and any requested school equipment are suitable for their needs. To view the gymnasium or rental space, call the schools main office to make an appointment.
  • Basketball hoops, volleyball nets and standards etc must be moved back to where they were prior to use. Do not drag equipment across gym floor.
  • Outdoor balls are strictly prohibited for use in school gymnasiums.

If unsure about whether equipment is acceptable, please contact us at: or call (403) 268-3800 option #2 for further information. Failure to follow this School Board policy could result in cancellation of permit and loss of future rental privileges.


Standards will be supplied. Nets are not included in the rental.

Ball/Floor Hockey

  • Restricted sport - no new bookings
  • Regulation soft plastic floor hockey sticks must be used. All other sticks are strictly prohibited. Goal nets and pylons are not provided.


Increda balls are permitted for pitching and throwing only. The following is not permitted: outdoor balls, batting of any kind and the use of pitching machines. Groups are responsible for any damage incurred to the facility.


Basketball hoops and nets are supplied unless otherwise indicated. It is the responsibility of the user group to confirm that the hoop height is suitable for their needs. Basketball hoops can be fixed at a height that may not be suitable for smaller children. Groups using gyms with adjustable hoops are responsible for returning the hoops to the original height at the end of the booking.

Dance, Baton, Band

The use of any form of dance floor wax or powder is not allowed on school gym floors.


Only School Board approved rubber utility balls are permitted.


  • Passing drills – practice
  • Stationary tackle with mats (groups must supply the mats)
  • Restricted - No kicking the rugby ball in the gym
  • Restricted - No rugby games


Indoor soccer balls (fuzzy/carpet balls) are permitted for passing, dribbling, heading and throw-in drills only. Nerf/sponge balls must be used for soccer games and shooting drills.


Volleyball standards and nets are supplied if available, unless otherwise indicated.

No-Show Policy:

Per School Board direction, booking groups are required to notify the school if they will not use their booked space. Notifying the school allows the caretaker to better prepare for and prioritize their work. Failure to inform the school of a booking cancellation (or “no-show”) may result in a formal complaint lodged against your group, which may affect your group’s ability to reserve in the future.

Bookings can be canceled through our office up to 30 calendar days before the booking date (depending on the specific rental and booking guidelines) through our amendment form or by contacting Facility Bookings at 403-268-3800 (press option #2) or at Within 30 days, you can contact the school operator directly. Please provide your permit number, date and time.