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Business Improvement Area (BIA) tax


Business Improvement Area (BIA) tax is collected for the BIA.

Payment options

A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is established by businesses in an area to jointly raise and administer funds for various projects and promotional activities within the zone throughout the year. Businesses located in a BIA will receive a BIA tax bill. This levy is collected by The City of Calgary on behalf of the BIA.

Each BIA’s Board of Directors establishes a proposed annual budget which is submitted to City Council for approval. Once approved, a tax rate is established for each BIA to raise the required revenue to meet their budget requirements. City Council approves the establishment of the BIA, its annual budget, and tax rate.

Learn about current Business Improvement Areas funding allocation.

2021 BIA tax credit

To support businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2021 The City applied a BIA tax credit towards the 2021 BIA tax levy. The BIA tax credit funding was equal to the total 2021 BIA tax levy.

2022 Important BIA tax dates

Date Event
January 1 to December 1 Annual BIA tax bills cover the calendar year
February Annual BIA tax bill mailing
March 31

Annual BIA tax payment deadline

April 1 and July 1 7% penalty added to any unpaid current year's BIA tax


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