Where can I find a copy of the Temporary Signs on Highways Bylaw?

You can download an uncertified copy of the Temporary Signs on Highways Bylaw 29M97, or visit the City Clerk's Department for a certified copy.

Where are the prohibited streets for any temporary signs located?

Here is the current list of Prohibited Roads where the Traffic Engineer has banned the use of temporary signs. Please also refer to the map for additional guidance. Though this list is comprehensive, you can contact the office of the Traffic Engineer at Roads.Director@calgary.ca for the most up to date list.



​Road ​From ​To
Road: ​3 Ave NW From: ​Complete Roadway
Road: ​14 Street West From: Complete Roadway
Road: ​16 Avenue/Trans Canada Highway From: Complete Roadway​​
Road: ​17 Avenue SE From: ​26 Street SE To: ​19 Street SE
(end of Blackfoot Trail)
Road: ​36 Street East From: ​Memorial Drive To: ​McKnight Boulevard
Road: ​37 Street SW From: ​Fish Creek Boulevard SW To: Anderson Road​
Road: ​37 Street SW From: ​58 Avenue SW To: ​46 Avenue SW
Road: ​52 Street SE From: ​130 Ave SE To: ​Peigan Trail SE
Road: ​61 Avenue SE From: ​Centre Street To: ​Macleod Trail
Road: ​85 Street NW From: Complete Roadway​ ​
Road: ​114 Avenue SE From: ​Stoney Trail To: ​Barlow Trail
Road: ​144 Avenue NW From: ​Shaganappi Trail To: ​West City Limit
Road: ​Airport Trail From: ​Metis Trail To: ​Deerfoot Trail
Road: ​Anderson Road From: ​Complete Roadway ​
Road: ​Barlow Trail From: ​Complete Roadway ​
Road: ​Beddington Trail From: ​Complete Roadway ​
Road: ​Bow Bottom Trail From: ​Canyon Meadows Drive To: ​Deerfoot Trail
Road: ​Bow Trail SW From: ​Pumphouse Avenue SW To: ​85 Street SW
Road: ​Blackfoot Trail From: Complete Roadway​ ​
Road: ​Country Hills Boulevard NE From: ​East City Limits To: ​Coventry Boulevard NE
Road: ​Country Hills Boulevard NW From: ​Beddington Trail NW To: ​Shaganappi Trail NW
Road: ​Crowchild Trail From: ​Complete Roadway ​
Road: ​Deerfoot Trail From: ​Complete Roadway ​
Road: ​Elbow Drive From: ​Anderson Road To: ​4 Street SW
Road: ​Glenmore Trail From: ​Complete Roadway ​
Road: ​John Laurie Boulevard From: ​Complete Roadway ​
Road: ​Macleod Trail From: ​Complete Roadway ​
Road: ​Marquis of Lorne Trail/ Spruce Meadows Trail From: ​Complete Roadway ​
Road: ​McKnight Boulevard From: ​East City Limit To: ​Edmonton Trail
Road: ​Memorial Drive From: ​36 Street SE To: ​Centre Street North
Road: ​Metis Trail From: ​McKnight Boulevard To: ​Stoney Trail
Road: ​Mount Royal Gate From: ​Crowchild Trail To: ​Richard Road
Road: ​Sarcee Trail SW From: ​Glenmore Trail To: ​16 Avenue NW/Trans Canada Highway
Road: ​Sarcee Trail NW From: ​Crowchild Trail To: ​Country Hills Boulevard
Road: ​Shaganappi Trail From: Complete Roadway​ ​
Road: ​Southland Drive From: ​Complete Roadway
Road: ​Stoney Trail From: ​Complete Roadway
Road: ​Symons Valley Road From: ​Stoney Trail To: ​North City Limit

When is a temporary sign illegal when placed on municipal property?

  • It is closer than 15 metres to any intersection.
  • It is within 20 metres of a sign which is posted by the same owner or depicts, advertises or promotes the same idea.
  • It is placed within a Playground Zone or School Zone.
  • It is closer than 30 metres to any intersection, City bus shelter, transit bench, bus zone, LRT station or LRT platform.
  • It is closer than 2 metres from the curb or edge of the road where there is no curb.
  • It is placed on any traffic island or the centre median.
  • It has a sign face larger than 0.6 square metre (approximately 2X3 feet).
  • Is higher than 0.92 metres (3 feet) when measured from grade to the highest part of the sign.
  • It obstructs any portion of any traffic control device or creates a potential traffic or pedestrian hazard.
  • It is attached to a street light pole, a traffic signal pole (with limited exceptions) or any decorative street light pole.
  • It does not have, on the face of the sign, the name, mailing address and phone number of the owner and the date the sign was set out.
  • It is displayed for longer than 14 days from the date on the sign or more than 24 hours after the date of any advertised event concludes, whichever is less.
  • It has a position, shape, colour, format or illumination which is similar to a Traffic Control Device.
  • It is attached to a sound attenuation wall.
  • It is lit, electrified or inflatable.
  • It is permanently affixed.
  • It is supported by string, rope or metal guide-wire.
  • It is on, attached to or within 2 metres of a fire hydrant.
  • It is attached on or within a Plus 15 bridge.
  • It is erected in any prohibited or restricted area.
  • It is placed over a street or on or within a pedestrian walkway or overpass.
  • It does not have on the face of the sign the name, mailing address and phone number of the owner and the date the sign was set out.