Alert | State of Local Emergency in Effect

City declares State of Local Emergency. Water restrictions and Fire ban in place. Our water is safe to drink.

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Water use in your home and community are regulated by our water utility bylaw. The bylaw states that:

  • All single family and two-family residences (such as duplexes) must be on a water meter.
  • All new residential and business water accounts are required to be set up on a water meter.
  • In the event of an emergency, your water may be shut off without notice.
  • In the event of a water shortage, watering restrictions may be enforced.
  • Water being used on private property (such as in a hot tub or pool) cannot be drained on to or across any portion of a city street, sidewalk, or park. Water also cannot be drained onto or across another person's private property. An exception is water from a portable swimming pool, decorative pond, or foundation having a capacity of 3,000 litres or less.
  • When washing your car on your private property, you are only permitted to use water. Soap or detergent of any kind is not allowed.

Related bylaws and topics

Stormwater bylaw

This bylaw ensures appropriate water use and drainage in and around your property. You can find more details about this bylaw by visiting our Stormwater bylaw overview page.

Wastewater bylaw

This bylaw focuses on protecting Calgary’s wastewater system. For more information about how this bylaw impacts food services establishments, including food trucks, visit fats, oils, grease.

Lot grading bylaw

This bylaw ensures new buildings have a properly graded lot to direct surface water drainage away from the structure. Learn more about this bylaw on our lot grading bylaw overview page.

Water meter bylaw

This bylaw legislates the mandatory metering of flat rate water customers. You can find more information by visiting our water meters page.

Fire hydrant bylaw

These are found in second 41 of the Water Utility Bylaw. The regulations ensure the meter is not obstructed and has the appropriate clearance. Learn more about Calgary’s fire hydrants.

This is an overview of these regulations. Please refer to the actual bylaw for more detailed information. Original copies of the bylaw are available at the City Clerk's office.

Water managed sites

A water managed site is a property with an in-ground irrigation system certified by The City of Calgary for water efficiency. Properties must have an in-ground irrigation system that either uses climatic or historical data to set water schedules and require a system audit completed by a certified landscape irrigation auditor.

To learn more, visit Water Managed Sites.

Filing a complaint

How to file a complaint and what happens to it

If you know of a bylaw infraction and would like to report it to Animal & Bylaw Services, please call 311 (from within Calgary) or 403-268-CITY (2489) (from outside Calgary).