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The City Manager

The City Manager is the chief administrative o​fficer of The City of Calgary and reports directly to City Council​​. The position provides leadership and direction to all departments of the Administration.​

Alberta Municipal Government Act defines the position:

  • To be the head of administration
  • To ensure Council's policies and programs are implemented
  • To advise and inform Council on the operation and affairs of the municipality
  • To perform the duties and function and exercise the powers assigned to a chief administrative officer by Council.

Council has delegated authority for duties in the City Manager's Bylaw.

The City Manager is the direct supervisor of the General Manager of each operating department, and through them, is responsible for all civic employees. The City Manager and General Managers collectively comprise the Executive Leadership Team, which sets Administrative Policy and ensures implementation of Council policy and City programs.

Administration's commitments


Calgary has a modern and efficient municipal government that is focused on resilience and continuous improvement to make life better every day for Calgarians by learning from citizens, partners, and others.

Administration’s commitments have been outlined in the One Calgary 2019-2022 Service Plans and Budgets. These commitments are intended to provide high-level strategic guidance to the organization for the four-year term:

  1. Sustain a cooperative and meaningful relationship with Council.
    Administration will continue to work with Council to maintain public trust and confidence through a shared strategic agenda based on Three Conversations, One Calgary. This includes a focus on open and proactive communication between members of Council and Administration and a shared understanding of the organization’s tolerance for risk.
  2. Foster a safe and respectful workplace for all employees.
    Administration will continue to promote and foster a safe and respectful work environment through the Employee Promise. This includes working with our union partners to ensure employees and leaders are aware of their responsibilities under the Code of Conduct and feel empowered to bring concerns forward.
  3. Continue to promote a progressive public service culture through One City, One Voice.
    Administration will continue to focus its attention on promoting and maintaining the principles upheld in the One City, One Voice culture. This includes an ongoing emphasis on reducing organizational silos, and working with union partners to demonstrate engaged leadership and encourage employee pride in the workplace.
  4. Focus attention on planning and building a resilient city, including flood mitigation and climate change.
    Administration will work with our indigenous, industry and regional partners as well as other orders of government to plan and build a city that is resilient to shocks and stresses. This includes a focus on inclusive leadership and decision making, infrastructure, economic diversification and the impacts of a changing climate on our growing city.
  5. Enhance service to our customers and communities, including citizens and businesses.
    Administration will continue to provide clarity to citizens and businesses about the value they receive for their tax dollars. This will be accomplished through the delivery and execution of service plans and budgets and by leveraging data and strategic partnerships to foster innovation, reduce red tape and enhance customer experience.
  6. Further strengthen the Corporation’s financial position.
    Administration will continue to update and monitor The City’s strategic financial plan to address immediate financial pressures and ensure long-term financial sustainability. This includes ensuring tax-supported expenditures are well-managed, exploring new and improved opportunities to generate revenue, creating new financial partnerships, prioritizing capital investment, and keeping debt levels within acceptable limits.

City Manager


The City Manager as of August 30, 2019, is David Duckworth​.

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