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Municipal Government Act (MGA) - Section 534

Section 534 of the Municipal Government Act provides that, within one year of the completion of construction or erection of a public work or structure, The City must deliver or mail notices to every owner of land (owners) abutting land on which the public work or structure is situated. The City is also required to advertise the description and location of completed projects in a newspaper with instructions on how eligible owners may be entitled to make a claim to The City for "injurious affection". 

Injurious affection is defined as "the permanent reduction in the appraised value of land as a result of the existence, but not the construction, erection or use, of a public work or structure..."

To view of a copy of section 534, please click here.

The City of Calgary is providing notification to meet the requirements under section 534 of the MGA to ensure eligible owners have the opportunity to make a claim for compensation.