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Hiring frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about how The City recruits and hires job applicants? Read our frequently asked questions below.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


When will I be contacted?

​We are unable to respond to every applicant due to the high volume of applications received. Only applicants who are being considered for the position will be contacted. Applicants that are being considered are usually contacted within 4 to 6 weeks of the closing date, but normally sooner than that.

How long do you consider my application or résumé?

​Your application will be considered for the position you applied for up to three months after the closing date.

When do job postings close?

​Online job postings close at 11:59PM MST on the closing date noted on the posting. Applicants must complete their entire application before this time. Applications in progress will not be accepted after the deadline.

Please note that some job postings can be closed early because of application volume.​

Hiring requirements

Are there any pre-employment drug testing requirements for jobs at The City?

Yes, external applicants applying for safety sensitive positions at The City of Calgary will be required to undergo a Pre-employment drug test.​

What if I have a criminal record and want to apply to The City of Calgary for work?

​Some job postings will state that a security clearance will be required. Having a criminal record does not exclude you from employment with The City of Calgary for those positions.  When your application is reviewed, the nature of the offense, when the offense took place, and the relevance of the offense to the position for which you are applying are considered. This information is handled in a confidential manner and candidate honesty is paramount. Failure to fully inform The City may result in forfeiture of your rights to employment with The City.

Can an individual work in two or more jobs at the same time with The City of Calgary?

​Individuals can hold only one position at a time.

Job applications

What can I do to improve my chances of finding employment with The City of Calgary?

​Every competition is considered separately. The number of positions you apply for does not increase your opportunity for being hired. We encourage all interested applicants to apply for positions for which they qualify. Every application will be given equal consideration in the hiring process.

Do I need a cover letter to apply for a job at The City?

​For professional positions, it's common practice to include a cover letter with your application.

Is volunteer work considered in the selection process?

​Volunteer work related to the position applied for is recognized as being a valuable addition to an applicant’s work history. Relevant volunteer work should be included on the résumé or application.

If I have a disability, will The City accommodate my needs?

Yes, please let us know if you require specific accommodation or arrangement.  You do not need to disclose the nature of your disability. The City aims to hire the most qualified person for each position, and we look for talents across all segments of our community. Candidates may have different backgrounds and individual needs that need to be recognized, respected and accommodated within the hiring process and the workplace.  Find out more about diversity at The City and our Corporation’s Duty to Accommodate Employment Policy

Specific positions

How long does the selection process take?

​Most competitions are filled within 6 to 8 weeks; therefore, if you have not heard from The City of Calgary within that time, is likely you are not being considered further for that position.​

How do I apply to become a firefighter or police officer?

Does The City of Calgary hire seasonal workers?

Yes, seasonal employment opportunities are generally posted mid to end of January, and may include labourers, gardeners and parks workers. Once the complement of staff has been obtained the competition will close without notice.

What jobs are available for students at The City of Calgary?

The City of Calgary has many jobs available for students and the competitions are usually on our website in March.