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BIA tax: rate and bill calculation

BIA tax rate calculation


Each Business Improvement Area (BIA)’s Board of Directors establishes a proposed annual budget which is submitted to City Council for approval. Once approved, a BIA tax rate sufficient to meet the budget requirement is established. The BIA tax rate equals the BIA’s annual approved budget amount divided by the total business assessment within the BIA.


BIA tax rate = BIA’s annual approved budget amount ÷ Total business assessment within the BIA

BIA tax bill calculation


BIA tax is levied on any business that occupies space within one of the 12 BIAs within Calgary during the calendar year. Your BIA tax bill equals the assessed value of your business premises multiplied by the BIA tax rate.


BIA tax bill = Assessed value of your business premises × BIA tax rate

The BIA tax rate reflects the amount of tax to be paid for each $1 of assessed value. BIA tax is based on the calendar year January 1 to December 31.

BIA tax bylaws


BIA taxation: 2019 Business Improvement Area Tax Bylaw 1M2019

BIA tax rate:2019 Business Improvement Area Tax Rates Bylaw 5M2019


BIA tax rates 2019

​BIA / Improvement District ​Businesses ​Budg​​et ($​) 2019 BIA ​​Tax Rate
​Mainstreet Bowness 58 ​50,100 ​​0.02122
Calgary Downtown Association​ ​2,550 ​1,586,825 ​0.00378
​Chinatown District ​338 ​215,000 ​0.01697
4th Street S.W. ​ ​230 ​​205,800 ​0.01551
Greenview Industrial 296 ​50,000​ ​0.00508
​Inglewood ​216 ​265,000 ​0.02044
​International Avenue ​415 ​275,000 ​0.01465
Kensington​ ​258 ​220,000 ​​0.01713
​Marda Loop ​140 ​220,000 ​0.02669
​Montgomery on the Bow ​115 ​70,000 ​0.01359
​17th Avenue Retail & Entertainment District ​341 ​410,800 ​0.01825
Victoria Park​ ​343 ​389,369 ​0.01408
First Street​ (between 12 Avenue and 14 Avenue S.W. in Victoria Park BIA​)​ ​21 ​included in Victoria Park ​0.01455