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Calgary and Region Economic Outlook Spring 2018

Calgary & Region Economic Outlook Spring 2019
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The recession is over but Calgary is now entering a slow growth cycle instead of a boom.

Calgary's Economy

Calgary's Economy Sept. 2017
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Calgary’s Economy presents both statistical data and public perception data in keys areas including demographic trends, standard of living, business climate and economic performance.


Calgary`s Economic Performance

Calgary's Economic Performance 2001-2015
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Alberta experienced rapid swings in its economic prospects in the past 15 years, from record growth to the current economic downturn.

A Case of Fiscal Imbalance

A Case of Fiscal Imbalance: The Calgary Experience
(An Update)

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Calgary’s contribution to the balance sheets of the federal and provincial governments leaves the local government with less than adequate revenue to fund its spending responsibilities. This has increased the local government’s reliance on intergovernmental transfers, which by nature is fraught with uncertainty.



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 Calgary Quick Facts


(Projection July 2019, thousands of persons)


Inflation Rate
(All items, 12-MMA, %, July 2019)


Unemployment Rate (CER, 3-MMA, %, July 2019)


Housing Starts
(CMA, Units, July 2019)


Total Building Permit Values
($million, July 2019)


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