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About Corporate Economics

About Corporate Economics

Learn about the Corporate Economics team and the work we do.

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What we do

Corporate Economics’ goal is to assist The City of Calgary in the decision making process by providing services in the area of economic forecasting, information provision, policy analysis and consulting.

There is an ongoing need for The City to interpret socio-economic information for its relevance to City operations. Through economic trends and forecasting, economists are able to identify potential barriers or problems that could become challenges, for Calgarians or the Corporation, and then forewarn Council and Administration.

We are committed to providing objective information that is a vital element of any open and transparent government and society. We take data and turn it into information, which contributes to knowledge.

Economic forecasting

We monitor and track key economic indicators on a continuous basis, which enables us to develop unique insights on how external events are impacting the local economy and the Municipal government. We are experienced in researching various economic topics and have developed reliable methods of forecasting and analysis.

Economic forecasts are updated on an ongoing basis for corporate use and can also be developed on behalf of individual departments/divisions.

The forecasts are prepared and updated based on key variables that influence City operations and are used for planning and budgeting purposes. A select number of key indicators - population growth, employment growth, and inflation - as well as federal and provincial policy changes are updated regularly and made available on this site.

Information provision

The publications we produce are intended to help clients and customers better understand the economic environment to provide a solid foundation for decision-making:

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Policy analysis & consulting

​​Policy analysis and consulting projects originate in response to current problems facing the Corporation or parts thereof. These issues normally have potentially significant implications for the economy and/or public sector finance. The bulk of this work originates with Council or the Executive Leadership Team.