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Local improvements and special taxes

Local improvements

There may be additional charges on your property tax bill for previously approved local improvements.

Local improvements include new or replacement construction projects intended to upgrade specific areas in communities throughout the city. Examples are street paving, driveway crossings, sidewalk replacement, lane paving, and curb and gutter replacement.

Note: Local improvement levies include the cost of financing but may be paid out in any year during the amortization period to avoid further interest charges.

For Local Improvement questions, visit Roads Local Improvements​.

Special taxes

For homeowners in the communities of Christie Park, Citadel, Diamond Cove, Douglas Glen, Douglasdale, Edgemont, Hawkwood, McKenzie Lake, Patterson Hills, Royal Oak Estates, Valley Ridge and Scenic Acres a sep​​arate line item on your property tax bill will state "Special Tax - Boulevard Maintenance or Enhanced Landscape Maintenance."

This special tax is a result of a successful community petition to The City of Calgary requesting enhanced landscape and boulevard maintenance. This is an annual levy requiring Council approval of a bylaw. For homeowners in these communities, please contact your community or residential association for further information.