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June 16 update: Mitigations remain in place while City monitors a second system

I'm very glad that this week's storm system has passed without more significant effects. Unfortunately, we are not out of the woods just yet. 

The City is monitoring a second storm system that could effect the city and areas to the west early next week. Because the ground is now saturated, even a smaller system could still impact the city. As such, flood mitigation measures will remain in place through the weekend including the State of Local Emergency, the berm crossing Memorial Drive and pumps. 

I have heard concerns from several Bowness residents about the mitigation efforts for that community compared with Sunnyside. The City is taking several steps to mitigate the risk of flooding including lowering the level of upstream reservoirs and closing storm water outflows. 

A temporary flood barrier like the one across Memorial Drive is not an effective flood mitigation tool for Bowness. A temporary barrier requires a permanent barrier that it can tie into. And because a temporary barrier can only be constructed on top of the ground, water would travel around and underneath such a barrier. 

I am confident that The City is taking every available precaution to protect residents and their homes in Bowness. My office and I remain in contact with The City departments working to address this situation.

I have linked to the latest City news release below and I will update you again when we have more information. 

Sonya Sharp

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