Ward 2 - Jennifer Wyness

Development Permits

Residents may comment on planning applications in their communities. See below for information about Calgary’s planning system, and a list of applications open for comment in Ward 2.


Planning Applications Open for Comment:

Click the file numbers below to learn more about each application and to submit comments. Links redirect to The City of Calgary’s Development Map. Files are removed from this page following their comment deadlines.

Community Development Permit (DP) Applications File Manager / Contact Land Use, Outline Plan, and Road Closures (LOC) Applications
Arbour Lake 

DP2022-00037 | Addition: Multi-Use Commercial Building (west elevation) | Comment Period Closed

Rui Liu

DP2022-00706 | Change of Use: Outdoor Cafe, Drive Through, Restaurant: Food Service Only | Comment Period Closed

Jules Hall

DP2022-01607 | New: Multi-Residential Development (7 buildings) | Comment Period Closed

Tyler Olsen

DP2022-02960 | Changes to Site Plan: Outdoor cafe (expansion of existing ) | Comment Period Closed

Shelagh Giesbrecht

DP2022-03268 | Changes to Site Plan: Outdoor Cafe (New door & parking reconfiguration) | Comment Period Closed

Nadia Friesen


DP2022-00373 |  New: Secondary Suite (basement) | Comment Period Closed

Wilson Cartagena

DP2022-0282 | New: Secondary Suite (basement) | Comment Period Closed

Alicia Devine

DP2022-00476 | New: Secondary Suite (basement) | Comment Period Closed

Garrett Murray

DP2022-00596 | Temporary Use: Home Occupation - Class 2 (Pet/Dog Training) | Comment Period Closed

Arysha Lalach

DP2022-00779 | New: Secondary Suite (basement) | Comment Period Closed

Daniel Johnson

DP2022-00210 | Temporary Use: Home Occupation - Class 2 (Craft Sales) | Comment Period Closed

Melanie Robinson

DP2022-00921 | New: Secondary Suite (basement) | Comment Period Closed

Jamie Fandrich

DP2022-01362 | New: Secondary Suite (basement) | Comment Period Closed

Daniel Johnson

DP2022-01207 | New: Secondary Suite (Basement) | Comment Period Closed

Jamie Fandrich

DP2022-01691 | New: Secondary Suite (Basement) | Comment Period Closed

Wilson Cartagena

DP2022-02352 | Temporary Use: Home Occupation - Class 2 (Massage Therapist) | Comment Period Closed

Samual Law

DP2022-02274 | New: Secondary Suite (basement) | Comment Period Closed

Suzanne Faber

DP2022-02482 | Relaxation: retaining wall (to span multiple residential parcels) - height | Comment Period Closed

Heloisa Ceccato Mendes

DP2022-02716 | Temporary Use: Home Occupation - Class 2 (Esthetics - 5 years) | Comment Period Closed

Samuel Law 

DP2022-02735 | Changes to Site Plan: Restaurant - Licensed (relocating garbage enclosure), Outdoor Cafe | Comment Period Closed

Dwayne Drobot

DP2022-02825 | New: Secondary Suite (basement) | Comments Due May 30, 2022

Maria Jimenez Martinez

DP2022-02811 | New: Secondary Suite (basement) | Comments Due June 10, 2022

Maria Jimenez Martinez

Glacier Ridge

DP2022-01668 | Changes to Site Plan: Excvation, Stripping and Grading | Comment Period Closed

Ostap Fedynets

Nolan Hill

DP2022-01558 | New: Secondary Suite (basement) | Comment Period Closed

Nadia Friesen

Sage Hill

DP2022-00805 | Temporary Use: Home Occupation - Class 2 (Cleaning Service - 3 years) | Comment Period Closed

Daniel Bronson

DP2022-00648 | New: Secondary Suite (basement) - parking stall size | Comment Period Closed

Claudia Cartagena

DP2022-00772 | New: Secondary Suite (existing - basement) | Comment Period Closed

Anthony Pirri

DP2022-00905 | Revision: Multi-Residential Development (Changes to DP2020-8229) | Comment Period Closed

Jolene Moran

DP2022-01299 | New: Multi-Residential Development (1 building) | Comment Period Closed

Coleen Auld

DP2022-01147 | New: Multi-Residential Development (11 buildings) | Comment Period Closed

Callen Strang

DP2022-02063 | New: Secondary Suite (basement) - parking stall size | Comment Period Closed

Maria Jimenez Martinez

DP2022-02273 | New Secondary Suite (basement) | Comment Period Closed

Suzanne Faber

DP2022-03125 | Temporary Use: Home Occupation - Class 2 (esthetics - 3 years ) | Comments Due June 10, 2022

Shelagh Giesbrecht


DP2022-02512 | Changes to Site Plan: Change of use: Child Care Facility (112 children), Changes to Site Plan: Child Care Facility (outdoor play area), Exterior Renovations: Child Care Facility (doors, windows, deck) | Comments Due May 24, 2022

Melanie Robinson

Symons Valley Ranch
Residual Sub Area 02B

DP2022-01292 | New: Pits and quarries | Comment Period Closed

Kelsey Cohen

Residual Sub Area 02C

DP2022-02562 | New: Vehicle Rental - Major, General Industrial - Light, Retail and Consumer Service (1 building) | Comment Period Closed

Jules Hall

DP2022-02785 | New: Office, Auto Service - Major, Auto Body and Paint Shop, Retail and Consumer Service (2 buildings) | Comments Due May 26, 2022

Chad Peters

Residual Sub Area 02E

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