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YYC Matters

YYC Matters

YYC Matters Federal Election 2019

Here you'll find an overview of the issues that matter to Calgary in the 2019 federal election. They’re based on your input and our interests as your municipal government. We then formed them as questions to find out what each party, if elected, will do to support Calgary. Each political party with candidates in Calgary and a seat in the 42nd Canadian Parliament are receiving the questions.

We invite you to review the issues to see how decisions made in Ottawa impact our quality of life here in Calgary. We do this to help you understand what’s at stake, so you can make the best choice for you, your family and our city’s future on voting day.

We also encourage you to raise these matters with the local candidates you meet. You matter. Calgary matters. Let’s work together to get Calgary and Alberta on the national agenda.

Election Day is Monday, October 21, 2019. To find out where to vote, a list of candidates in your electoral district and additional voter information, visit Elections Canada.

YYC Matters - The Questions

Promote economic recovery

Why it matters

Strategy for supporting Calgary's recovery

Q. What is your party's strategy to support Calgary's recovery as we reshape our future?

Supporting our responsible energy industry

Q. What will your party do to support our responsible energy industry and ensure our resources get the best price?

Clear and fair regulatory review process for infrastructure

Q. What will your party do to establish clarity and certainty in regulatory processes for timely decisions on critical Canadian infrastructure projects in the public interest?

Improving federal-municipal relations

Q. What is your party’s plan for building strong cities in Canada?

Investing in public infrastructure

Q. Does your party commit to funding a portion of the construction of these important community facilities?

​​Immigration as a driver of economic growth

Q. What is your party’s position on immigration to Canada, and how will you ensure cities see the benefits of this immigration?

Q. How will you ensure municipalities have access to the best employees and protect them from legislation like Quebec’s Bill 21?

Honour commitments

Why it matters

Permanent, higher funding for infrastructure from the Gas Tax Fund

Q. Does your party support existing (Gas Tax Fund) or other mechanisms to directly and permanently fund the renewal and construction of municipal infrastructure?

Fair share of cannabis revenue

Q. How will your party ensure that cities actually receive the federal funds needed to cover the administration and enforcement costs of legalization?

Public transit funding

Q. How will your party support long-term transit funding to build and extend transit in Calgary?

Support Calgarians

Why it matters

Mental health and addictions

Q. What is your party’s plan to address this crisis?

Q. Will your party commit to high-level federal representation on Calgary’s Mental Health and Addiction Strategy?

Made-in-Alberta mortgage rules

Q. Does your party support creating market- and regionally-specific mortgage rules?