Social resilience

Provincial election 2023

Calgary matters in the 2023 Provincial Election. Every person in Calgary, regardless of their background, deserves to live with dignity and experience a sense of belonging and inclusion. This means we must provide all supports necessary for people to have equitable access to services. The City of Calgary also actively works to address systemic discrimination. We want to provide opportunities to build meaningful connections in a city that does not tolerate hate.

Review the information below to see how decisions made impact our quality of life here in Calgary. It will help you understand the issues, so you can make the best choice for you, your family and our city’s future on voting day.

Election day is May 29, 2023

Calgary's local community

Why is this important?

All governments, including municipalities and provincial governments, have a role in supporting the social resilience of Calgarians, especially those experiencing vulnerabilities.

The City is implementing affordable housing solutions, supporting our youth, and delivering services and programs in communities that are accessible to all Calgarians.

The City and its partners have invested in Calgary’s Mental Health and Addiction Strategy, a community-based cross-sector initiative that is helping our community find hope and support for individuals and families living with mental health issues and addictions. A corresponding, continued investment from The Government

of Alberta aligned with the outcomes of this strategy would magnify and sustain positive mental health impacts and outcomes for Calgarians.

In addition, the Community Safety Investment Framework  is a collaborative effort between The City of Calgary, the Calgary Police Service and community partners to connect and identify ways to improve support for Calgarians in crisis due to mental or emotional distress, conflict or a threat to their safety. Funding from the Government of Alberta could intensify the impact of this work and transform how Calgarians are supported during a crisis.

Questions to ask your candidates

When candidates ask for your ideas and priorities, use this list of questions to find out how they will support Calgary and our community:

The most difficult challenges facing cities across Canada require a combined focus on intersecting issues like mental health, addictions, and poverty.

  • How will your party work collaboratively with The City on shared solutions to complex social problems?
  • How will you ensure that cities like Calgary are partners in creating the solutions and programs required to ensure quality of life for all residents?
  • What long-term funding will be available to tackle and prevent complex social issues such as poverty, mental health, addiction, racism, and violence?
  • Will your party commit to contributing sustainable funding in support of the Community Safety Investment Framework and the Calgary Mental Health and Addiction Strategy?

Truth and reconciliation

Why is this important?

The City is committed to Truth and Reconciliation and is working to advance the Calls to Action identified in the White Goose Flying Report. Reconciliation is the responsibility of all orders of government and can also be advanced through business, social organizations, and citizens.

Calgary is taking action to ensure we are building strong relationships with Indigenous peoples and Nations including:

  • leader-to-leader relations to create the conditions for mutual respect and sustained collaboration
  • support for awareness training and education
  • recognizing the value of healing practices and funding healing centres
  • commemorations, memorials, renaming projects and other anti-racism initiatives
  • Indigenous housing and an Indigenous procurement project

Questions to ask your candidates

When candidates ask for your ideas and priorities, use this list of questions to find out how they will support Calgary and our community:

Q: How will your government be an active partner with our city to take action on reconciliation?

Q: How will your party work with The City, the Government of Canada and Indigenous communities to ensure all Calgarians are able to access safe public spaces and public transit?