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Accessibility and disability in Calgary

Accommodations and services for accessibility

Improving accessibility is an ongoing priority that benefits everyone in our communities. Visit for a comprehensive list of City services and programs for people with disabilities.

Guiding our approach to accessibility

Celebrating people with disabilities and local achievements in improving accessibility

  • Advisory Committee on Accessibility Annual Awards: These awards celebrate individuals, groups and organizations whose work and projects improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.
  • International Day of Persons with Disabilities: First declared by the United Nations in 1992, we’re pleased to celebrate the contributions of people with disabilities on December 3. The ACA also recognizes the winners of its annual Accessibility Awards on or around this date.
  • Calgary Awards – Award for Accessibility: The Award for Accessibility recognizes buildings or facilities in Calgary that significantly exceeded the minimum requirements of Section 3.8, "Barrier-Free Design" of the Alberta Building Code for accessibility by persons with disabilities.

Quick guide to disability-serving agencies in Calgary

Designing accessible spaces and facilities

  • Access Design Standards (ADS): Complements the Alberta Building Code’s Section 3.8 (Barrier-Free Design) to enhance and exceed minimum codes for accessibility.

Accessibility within the broader social context

  • Community Profiles: Demographic profiles of Calgary communities using the most recent statistics from both the federal and civic censuses.
  • Indices of Community Well-being 2006 (2010): Detailed report examining Calgary’s communities according to the dimensions of economic, social, and physical well-being. The well-being of communities is ranked relative to one another and presented in map and table format.
  • Signposts (published 2012 and 2014): Reports on community assessment surveys conducted in 2006 that explored the social issues and needs of Calgarians. Results are reported city-wide as well as at the social district level.
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