The City of Calgary’s Housing Strategy

Calgary needs more homes. We have a plan. Home is Here, The City of Calgary's Housing Strategy 2024 - 2030

Calgary is experiencing a housing crisis. One in five Calgary households are unable to afford where they currently live. That’s over 84,600 households who are spending more than 30% of their income on housing. City Council approved Home is Here, The City of Calgary’s Housing Strategy with amendments to address the crisis.

Implementing the Housing Strategy: Current initiatives

The Housing Strategy's five outcomes

As The City implements the Home is Here, The City of Calgary's Housing Strategy, there are five outcomes.

Download a brief summary of the Housing Strategy outcomes, or the full Home is Here, The City of Calgary's Housing Strategy.

1. Increase the supply of housing to meet demand and increase affordability

To increase the supply of housing and affordable housing options, The City will partner with other orders of government, affordable housing providers, and local home builders. The City has a vital role to play in facilitating new development through planning processes, regulations, funding mechanisms, and through the provision of land. This outcome is about increasing the supply of housing and creating a variety of housing types across all communities to meet the growing demand and to make housing more affordable. 


A) Make more City-owned real property assets (i.e., land, buildings, and strata) available for housing (market, nonmarket, subsidized, and housing co-op) in all communities.

B) Use The City’s funding tools to leverage partnerships with government and get more housing built.

C) Amend and streamline planning policy and process to allow for diverse housing. Learn more about Citywide Rezoning.

2. Support affordable housing providers to deliver services that make a positive impact

To create transformational change in the housing system, The City is committed to supporting affordable housing providers through leadership in research, advocacy to other orders of government, and funding programs that create positive outcomes for residents. 


A) Advance City-led programs that support affordable housing providers and residents.

B) Conduct research and convene affordable housing providers to support the sector’s growth.

C) Advocate to other orders of government to ensure adequate supports for housing.

3. Enable The City’s housing subsidiaries to improve service delivery

The City has strong housing subsidiaries that have a far reach and impact in our community. The City is committed to enabling them to be leaders in addressing the housing crisis. This is especially important when it comes to the development and redevelopment of Cityowned affordable housing.


A) Leverage funding and land for the development and redevelopment of City-owned assets.

B) Support subsidiaries to deliver on their strategic plans.

4. Ensure diverse housing choice to meet the needs of equity-deserving populations

Systemic barriers exist for equitydeserving populations to secure and maintain affordable housing. The City is committed to providing supports through funding and programming that will lead to better housing outcomes.


A) Develop and implement programs that reduce barriers and increase housing supports.

B) Incentivize the creation or modification of housing to meet the needs of equity-deserving populations.

5. Address the affordable housing needs of Indigenous people living in Calgary

Indigenous people experience unique challenges in accessing affordable housing in Calgary. The City is committed to addressing the multi-faceted and holistic housing inequities faced by Indigenous people who live in Calgary


A) Fulfill commitments to ReconcilliACTION by implementing the actions within:

The Ways Forward: Affordable Housing for Indigenous Calgarians Through a Holistic Plan.”

Why we need the Housing Strategy

Calgary’s competitive advantage as one of the world’s most livable cities where housing is relatively affordable is at risk due to:

  • low vacancy rates,
  • higher than normal rent increases, and
  • increasing home prices.

We need more homes in all shapes and sizes in all neighbourhoods. This will help support Calgary’s prosperity now and for future generations. We have a plan to do that.

The Housing Strategy names specific actions The City can take to begin to address the housing crisis. Home is Here, The City of Calgary’s Housing Strategy was adopted with amendments by Council on Sept 16, 2023.

The amendments to the Housing Strategy include:

  • Making use of City owned sites for emergency housing for families
  • Having incentives for downtown office conversions to support students
  • Investigating business licensing for residential landlords
  • Considering infrastructure investments for increased densities
  • Adding reporting considerations for planning application processes


The Housing and Affordability Task Force (HATF)

The Housing and Affordability Task Force (HATF) brought together people who build, operate, study and have experience living in different forms of housing. The Task Force provided recommendations to Council to improve housing affordability and increase access to affordable housing. Learn more about the HATF here.

Next steps

  • Actions that do not require further budget or Council approval will be implemented.
  • Council will consider actions that require budget adjustments in November 2023.
  • Actions that need land use or bylaw changes will follow the regular legislative process. They will return to Council for a public hearing and Council decision.
  • Approved actions with undetermined budgets will be presented in future year budget requests.

Calgarians can expect increased and more diverse housing supply, supports for affordable housing providers and housing subsidiaries as actions in the Strategy are implemented. We will meet the affordable housing needs of equity-deserving populations and Indigenous people living in Calgary.