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Stage 3 outdoor water restrictions are in effect. Learn more about how City services are impacted and what you can do during this stage.

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Ward 1 - Sonya Sharp

An update on the critical watermain break

For the latest updates on the progress of the watermain repair, water restriction dos and donts, and FAQ's about Calgary's water system

Hello, Ward 1!

Over the past several days, the City has been conducting additional inspections of the Bearspaw South Feedermain, following the repair of a broken section. The inspection covered 4.3 km of the pipe, and the data revealed multiple other spots in the feedermain that are at high risk of a break and require urgent repair. However, the repairs cannot be complete while there is water in the pipe, so water restrictions will continue until further notice. 

What to know

  • Five additional hot spots located southeast of the current break before the Shaganappi pump station were found that need urgent attention and repair. 
  • Calgarians need to continue to reduce their water consumption to make sure that our demand does not exceed supply.
  • Water restrictions, Stage 4 outdoor water restrictions, and a fire ban continue until further notice
  • 24/7 work is being done by internal and external engineers to work and restore normal water service, but it will take time.
  • Local state of emergency declared to prepare for any eventualities in the repair process. 
  • Shouldice Park, including playing fields, pathways and roadways are closed until further notice to allow for inspections of the current conditions.
Crews working on the broken watermain

How you can help

Please continue to reduce your water usage in any way possible. All outdoor water use is temporarily ban under the Stage 4 Water Restrictions, and a fire ban is still in place. 

Tips to mitigate water consumption: 

✅ Do

  • Use the dishwasher and washing machine only when required and with full loads
  • Limit showers to three minutes or less and keeping baths shallow if you’re able to do so (e.g., people with mobility challenges).
  • Turn off humidifiers and ice machines.
  • Scrape your plate clean rather than rinsing off food
  • Wash vegetables and fruit in a partially filled sink or pot and then rinse them quickly
  • Keep a jug of drinking water in your fridge. Don’t run the tap to get ice-cold water
  • Turn off the tap when brushing teeth or shaving

❌ Don't 

  • Turn on outdoor automatic sprinkler systems.
  • Water lawns, gardens, flowers, trees and shrubs with City water
  • Fill outdoor pools or hot tubs
  • Wash outdoor surfaces, including:
  • Windows
  • Exterior building surfaces
  • Sidewalks, driveways or walkways
  • Fill fountains or decorative water features
  • Wash your car in the driveway or street
  • Use water for construction purposes such as grading, compaction or dust control
Crews working on the broken watermain

Thank you

Thank you for your continued effort in saving water. I know The City has been asking a lot of you, and we keep asking for more. As Calgarians, we keep showing how much we care about each other, our city and the community around us.

We can do this.

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