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December 2022 newsletter


Hi Ward 1,


On behalf of myself and the Ward 1 Team, happy holidays! I hope you get the chance to rest and to connect with friends and family as we prepare for an exciting year ahead in 2023.


Thanks to everyone who participated in the Mayor's Annual Christmas Food Drive and our first ever Councillors' Challenge. Your generous contributions make a real difference in the community. While the holidays are a special time of giving, remember that the Calgary Food Bank and a number of other great organizations in Calgary continue their work all year long. If you have the means, I hope you'll consider supporting a cause of your choice.  


Please note that the Ward 1 Office will be closed from Friaday, December 23, 2022 until Tuesday, January 3, 2023. The team looks forward to helping you with any issues or concerns when we reopen. If you have an urgent concern with City services over the holidays, you can contact 311 by telephone 24/7, or by submitting a service request online.


Sonya Sharp

Warmest wishes to you and your family this holiday season! From Councillor Sharp and the Ward 1 team

Happy Holidays from the Ward 1 Team! Left to right: Nadia Friesen, Business & Planning Strategist; Sonya Sharp, Councillor, Ward 1; Santa Claus; Marley Gillies, Executive Advisor; Connor Molineaux, Communications & Policy Leader

News from City Council

Updates in brief

  • Council approved the 2023-2026 Service Plans and Budgets at the end of November. Learn more about what's included and Councillor Sharp's views on the budget in our recent update.  
  • Beginning in January, Council will again hold separate public hearing meetings of Council for certain issues, including planning matters, where the public are invited to comment. You can learn more about what's on the agenda and register to speak on the City Clerk's website. The public are also welcome to present to Council's Standing Policy Committees for matters where there is no public hearing at Council. 

Community updates

Traffic updates

112 Avenue & Country Hills Boulevard

This busy intersection in Royal Oak has remained a priority for our office over the past several months. Councillor Sharp continues to work with the City’s Mobility unit to assess the changes made in efforts to relocate the crosswalk to be in the direct line of sight of drivers turning right onto Country Hills Boulevard. More changes were also made including accessibility improvements for pedestrians.

We have heard some confusion from the community regarding the new pedestrian markings on the road. For clarity, these are pedestrian symbols, and not bike lanes.

Crestmont Boulevard

The Ward 1 Office heard several concerns from the community regarding safety along Crestmont boulevard due to speeding, unmarked crosswalks, and traffic volume. After consultation with the Mobility unit, the speed along Crestmont Boulevard will be reduced to 40 km/h between the regional pathway at the west end of the community and the playground zone at the east end of the community. This change will be made by the end of the year. Our office and the Mobility unit will continue to monitor and assess safety in the area.

Crestmont Blvd map

Rocky Ridge snow and ice clearing

There have been concerns from some residents of Rocky Ridge about snow and ice clearing on pedestrian walkways. The Rocky Ridge Ranch Homeowners Association (HOA) previously had an agreement with The City for the clearing of additional pathways in the neighbourhood. That agreement was terminated earlier this winter, and The City has been clearing pathways in Rocky Ridge at the same level of service found throughout Calgary. 

The HOA and The City recently reached a new agreement for pathway maintenance, meaning that additional pathway clearing will resume. The City's pathway map will be updated soon to reflect the new agreement. 

Concerns about snow and ice clearing can be reported by calling 311 or by submitting a service request online. You can learn more about The City's snow and ice control policy on Calgary.ca.

Tuscany storm pond drainage

This winter, the stormwater pond north of Tusslewood Drive NW is being drained by The City to remove invasive fish species. Non-native fish species, including goldfish and Prussian carp, outcompete native species and can cause significant harm to the ecosystem. The pond will be drained for approximately two months. 

Aquarium pets shouldn't be released into bodies of water within the city due to the potential environmental harm. Releasing fish carries a $3000 fine under the Stormwater Bylaw.

Updates on City services

Snow route parking bans

December marks a potential for snowfall in the city and this means snow bans can come into effect. Before heading out, know which streets have parking restrictions by using The City of Calgary’s online map that shows banned parking locations. The Snow Route Parking Bans map shows where parking is temporarily restricted on designated snow routes across the city. Parking bans may last up to 72 hours following a parking ban being issued by The City.

City snow plow

Updates in brief

  • The Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) is looking to better understand how prepared Calgarians are for a disaster and emergency in Calgary. Help The City build a new emergency preparedness program by taking CEMA's survey online, open until December 18.
  • The City is also looking for feedback on the location and design of an Indian Residential School Memorial. Submit your feedback before December 20
  • December is the most important time of year for small businesses in Calgary. Support local this holiday season: support your neighbours and the local economy, and get unique goods and services you won't find anywhere else. 
Local business owners

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