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144 Avenue N.W. Improvements - Sage Hill Drive to 24 Street N.W.

I would like to provide residents with the latest update regarding the 144 Avenue N.W. Improvements project.

West Nose Creek Realignment – COMPLETE

Crews have successfully completed the West Nose Creek realignment. All planned landscaping adjacent to the realigned creek is also fully complete.

Deep Utility Installations for 2022 Construction Season – COMPLETE 

All scheduled deep utility installations have been completed for the 2022 construction season. This includes all required deep utilities at the intersection of Symons Valley Road and 144 Avenue N.W. as well as additional utilities adjacent to the community of Evanston.

Remaining stormwater utility line installations at the east end of the project area, adjacent to Evanston, will be completed during the 2023 construction season.

Evanston Noise Wall Piling – COMPLETE

Crews have completed all piling required for noise wall installation adjacent to nearby Evanston homes. Noise wall panels are currently being manufactured and will be installed as they are produced.

Upcoming Priorities:

Over the coming weeks, crews will be focused on the following work:

  • Installation of noise wall panels adjacent to Evanston;
  • Completion of retaining walls east of West Nose Creek; and
  • Earthworks and excavations.

Rock excavations and earthworks will continue over the winter months, to expedite these removals in advance of the 2023 construction season. All work will continue to take place in accordance with City bylaws.

Substantial completion of the 144 Avenue improvements project is scheduled for fall 2024.

Detour Adjustment:

To improve visibility and safety for vehicles through the winter months, the existing detour at the Symons Valley Road and 144 Avenue N.W. intersection will be modified. Narrowed lanes through the intersection will be widened to allow for improved sightlines.

Project Timeline:

  • Finalize Engineering Design: COMPLETE
  • Construction Tender; Hire Contractor; Plan/Schedule Construction: COMPLETE
  • Construction: Spring 2022 to Fall 2024
  • Project Substantial Completion: Fall 2024

Please note: Construction Activities are dependent on several factors. Timelines could change due to inclement weather, underground conditions and/or other unexpected circumstances. Schedule updates will be provided.

I will continue to provide residents with updates regarding this project. Please visit the project webpage to learn more. 


144 Ave N.W. Functional Planning Study

To assist you in better understanding the scope of the project, please watch this video.

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