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144 Avenue N.W. Improvements - Sage Hill Drive to 24 Street N.W.

Project updates - September 2023

Bridge construction and piling

Construction of the bridge over West Nose Creek began in August 2023. Crews have completed excavation to install piling pads on the east and west bridge embankments.

Steel pile driving will begin on Wednesday, September 20 and will take approximately four weeks to complete. All efforts will be made to limit impacts, however additional noise and vibrations can be expected while this work is underway.

To minimize disturbances for residents, piling work will be limited to between the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Saturday.

Upcoming traffic shift: 144 Avenue and Symons Valley Road N.W.

New lane patterns will be in place at the 144 Avenue and Symons Valley Road N.W. intersection, starting in early to mid-September. The new configuration will be in place over the winter months, until traffic lights are installed and the east intersection leg is opened in 2024. 

Temporary barriers, lane markings and detour signage will be on site and traffic will be maintained in all directions.

Please follow all detour and construction signage posted in the area, including speed reductions.

Milestones and upcoming priorities

Work continued to progress over July and August, including:

  • Completion of upgraded storm system adjacent to Evanston
  • Substantial completion of the retaining wall on the south side of 144 Avenue N.W. and continuation of retaining wall north of 144 Avenue N.W.
  • Progress on major roadworks, including at both the Symons Valley Road and the 24 Street N.W. intersections.

Over September and October, work will include:

  • Continuation of West Nose Creek bridge works
  • Remaining roadworks and line painting at 144 Avenue N.W. and Symons Valley Road
  • Paving new section of 144 Avenue N.W. between 24 Street N.W. and West Nose Creek.
  • Completion of noise walls and retaining walls

Updates will be posted on this page and shared via the email newsletter throughout construction.

To assist you in better understanding the scope of the project, please watch the video below.

Project overview

The City of Calgary will be undertaking significant roadway improvements in the 144 Avenue N.W. area. Construction will begin in spring 2022 for an extension of 144 Avenue N.W. from 24 Street N.W. (Panorama Road), through Symons Valley Road to Sage Hill Drive N.W.

The project will include:

  • 1.2km of new arterial roadway;
  • a bridge crossing over West Nose Creek;
  • an expansion to the multi-use pathway system further linking to the 5A cycle network; and
  • improvements to the transportation network and connectivity in the area for all modes of travel

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Project background

From 2018 - 2020, The City completed a Functional Planning Study for 144 Ave. N.W. to look at the general design and location of the road between Symons Valley Road N.W. and Panorama Road N.W., including the West Nose Creek crossing and the eventual realignment of Symons Valley Road onto Mountain View Road.

Near the northwestern edge of Calgary, 144 Ave. N.W. is an arterial street located between the rapidly developing communities of Evanston, Nolan Hill, and Sage Hill, and major skeletal roads including Sarcee Trail, Shaganappi Trail and Symons Valley Road. Planned to be the only continuous east-west connection north of Stoney Trail, 144 Ave. N.W. will provide an important link for all modes of transportation into the future.

Current and future development of communities and land adjacent to 144 Ave. N.W., such as within the Glacier Ridge Area Structure Plan (ASP), has prioritized the need for The City to improve the transportation network in the area. There is also a strong future need to facilitate east-west transit connectivity between adjacent communities and the future Green Line LRT running along Centre Street.

Visit the engagement page for information on the public engagement throughout the Functional Planning Study.

The environment

The City is working closely with environmental experts and consultants to mitigate potential environmental impacts. We are mindful of the important bio-diversity and natural features in this area and will incorporate these considerations as we plan for and complete design and construction.

In order to minimize both capital cost and future operation/maintenance costs of the bridge, The City plans to relocate a portion of West Nose Creek. This relocation is a common procedure which has been successfully implemented as part of other infrastructure projects. We are planning this procedure in a way that absolutely conserves and maintains the integrity of the natural area.

Site ceremony

On April 1, 2022 project team members from The City of Calgary, ISL Engineering and Graham Construction participated in a ceremony with representatives from the Siksika Nation and Blood Tribe at the 144 Avenue N.W. site.

Members of the Blood Tribe and Siksika Nation led traditional blessings, acknowledging the spiritual significance of the land and praying for a safe and successful project. Following the ceremony, the project's archaeologist led a site orientation for construction crews. This included an overview of the types of historical items to watch for and the process to follow should anything be found.

We thank the Blood Tribe and Siksika Nation for their participation and support as we begin the 144 Avenue N.W. project.

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Project timeline

  • Finalize engineering design: Spring/Summer2021
  • Construction tender; hire contractor; plan/schedule construction: Summer 2021
  • Construction: Spring 2022 to fall 2024
  • Project Substantial Completion: Fall 2024

Please note: Construction Activities are dependent on several factors. Timelines could change due to inclement weather, underground conditions and/or other unexpected circumstances. Schedule updates will be provided.

Project area

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