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Community Speed Watch Summary: Kincora Gate NW & Kincora Glen Rd NW

On October 3rd between the hours of 11am - 12pm, a Community Speed Watch was organized at Kincora Gate & Kincora Glen Rd NW. I was joined by representatives of the Calgary Police Service, City of Calgary traffic engineers, and a number of citizens living in the area who were concerned with speeding, sightline issues, and shortcutting in this area. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who took the time to participate in the speed watch. 

If you would like to learn more about organizing a Community Speed Watch in your community, please visit https://www.calgary.ca/roads/safety/community-speed-watch.html or contact my office with your concerns. 

The following issues were discussed during the October 3rd event, and I'd like to share the summary of findings: 

Issue #1: Speeding along Kincora Glen Rd NW.

Concern: Citizens believe that there is a lot of speeding along this roadway. The posted speed limit (50 km/h) is too high for this roadway and should be reduced to unposted 40 km/h.

Portion of Kincora Glen Rd NW was posted at 40 km/h when the traffic barrier was in place. However, with the opening of barrier, this roadway was posted at 50km/h based on the criteria used for determining the speed limits. There are no recent speed studies along Kincora Glen Rd NW between 37 St and Kincora Gate. However, a speed study could be completed in the future to get an idea of the operating speeds along this roadway which in turn helps in re-evaluating the speed limit along Kincora Glen Rd NW.

Spot speeds taken by CPS during the “Community Speed Watch” indicated that vehicle speeds are well within the posted speed limit. However, citizens think that speeding occurs more in the AM and PM rush hours.

Action items:
To get the immediate idea of the speed along Kincora Glen Rd NW, CPS will set up a Photo Rader Unit west of Kincora Cres NW (west leg) for a day to understand the level of speeding along this roadway. (Action by Calgary Police Service).

As it is not too long since the opening of the barrier, it would make sense to wait until next Spring to collect proper speed data. So, City of Calgary will add Kincora Glen Rd to the speed data collection list for Spring 2023. The speed limit will be re-evaluated based on the new speed data. (Action by: City of Calgary).

Results: Here are the results of the speed study conducted by CPS. (This speed study was actually done just before the meeting was held. So CPS was able to have stats readily available.) The results indicate what we have seen here before and what was observed the day of the meeting:

Visits Conducted:

  • 0905 – 0935: 67 vehicles 3 violations (Sept 29)
  • 1510 – 1540: 67 vehicles 3 violations (Sept 30)
  • 1330 – 1400: 42 vehicles 0 violations (Sept 30)

Violations would be vehicles above 62km/h. Vehicles above the threshold were westbound.

Issue #2: Sightline concerns at the entrance to the Pinnacle at Kincora, east of the roundabout.

Concern: Residents complained that there are often large vehicles parked too close to the entrance creating safety concerns for residents getting in and out of the apartment complex. Speeding along Kincora Glen Rd makes the situation worse as there’s not much gap for the vehicles coming out from the apartment complex to turn safely.

This area seems to be well parked most of the time. However, residents indicated that there are adequate parking spaces within the apartment complex and along Kincora Glen Rd further east. So, there will not be parking shortage if we need to remove the parking to address the sight line issues at this location. Citizens expressed the desire to install a temporary roundabout at the entrance to the apartment complex. This will allow safe turnings to and from the apartment complex while helping to reduce the speed of vehicles along Kincora Glen Rd NW.

There appears to be adequate space for a temporary roundabout at this bulged area. However, keeping in mind the turning requirements for garbage trucks, proper design need to be done to understand if the roundabout can be accommodated. There will also be parking losses in proximity to accommodate the roundabout. Residents indicated that they will be fine with some parking loss to accommodate the roundabout.

Action items:
Feasibility of installing a temporary roundabout will be checked. A concept will be sent to the design team for proper design and drafting. The temporary roundabout can be installed if deemed feasible following the design and obtaining necessary approvals. (Action by: City of Calgary).

Issue #3: Shortcutting along Kincora Glen Rd NW.

Concern: Some residents indicated that there are still several people using Kincora Glen Rd as a shortcut to go east. After the opening of Symons Valley Parkway, there may be less people using Kincora Glen Rd as a shortcut. However, it is still happening, and citizens would like to know whether a transit only gate could be installed.

Citizens’ Question: Can we get the barriers or transit gate installed again?

Discussion: The concrete barriers placed on Kincora Glen Rd NW east of the roundabout have been removed after the opening of the Symons Valley Parkway. Though some drivers may have used this road as shortcut, majority of users would be living in this community and use this road to access their property. So, based on the available information installation of a transit only gate doesn’t seem to be a viable option at this point.

Action items:
Find further details on the background of this barrier installation and subsequent removal from Transportation Development Services (TDS) to confirm if it is still feasible to install a transit only gate. (Action by: City of Calgary).

Issue #4: Shortcutting at Kincora Gate between Shaganappi Tr & Symons Valley Parkway.

Concern: The green space east of Kincora Gate is used by many citizens to play various sports and physical activities. The issue is more acute in the AM and PM peak hours when drivers are in rush. Some vehicles use Kincora Glen Rd to go east through the neighborhood. Often times, the vehicles are very noisy.

Citizens’ Questions:

  1. Can we install PGZ signs along Kincora Gate between the roundabout and Symons Valley Parkway?
  2. Can we narrow down the approach to the roundabout using curb extensions to slow down traffic?
  3. How could we identify/enforce the noisy vehicles?

Discussion: Due to the nature of this connection between Shaganappi Tr & Symons Valley Parkway, some vehicles choose to use this route instead of going to Shaganappi Tr & Symons Valley Parkway intersection further north. However, some spot speed readings conducted by CPS during the community speed watch indicated that speed of vehicles ranges between 45 km/h to 55 km/h which is typical in most roadways posted at 50 km/h.

As of now, this green space doesn’t qualify for PGZ sign as the signs are reserved for playgrounds where children’s play equipments are installed. If future development of this green space includes equipments, this can be re-evaluated and determined if the PGZ signs are warranted.

Current approach to the roundabout is approximately 5.5m wide. Because of the median, this roadway can’t be narrowed further due to emergency vehicles requirements i.e. when a physical median is present, design guideline doesn’t allow less than 5.5m lanes. This is to ensure that if a vehicle breaks down, there must be adequate space for an emergency vehicle to pass.

Enforcing noisy vehicles is possible but it is not easy. A noise by-law is being discussed at City Council and may allow enforcement officials to enforce this law. As of now, CPS can catch noisy vehicles and issue tickets if they were caught on the spot. Citizens can inform CPS non-emergency line to report noisy vehicles and CPS will try to catch them if the officers are present in the neighborhood.

Action items:
For this issue, there are no specific action items right now. Citizens are encouraged to keep reporting to CPS non-emergency line if they witness a noisy vehicle. CPS will try its best based on available resources to catch the noisy vehicles and issue tickets accordingly. PGZ warrants will be checked by the City in the future when there are changes in the use of green space.

Issue #5: Buses hitting parked cars.

Buses trying to get in and out of the bus stop at Kincora Gate between Shaganappi Tr & Roundabout often hit parked vehicles.

Citizens’ Question: Can we remove some parking spots by adding “No Parking” signs?

Discussion: If the parked vehicles have been hit by Calgary Transit buses, this issue should be reviewed further to ensure that the buses have adequate space to maneuver in and out of the bus stop. In general, the parked vehicles help in traffic calming i.e. to reduce the speed of vehicles along this roadway. So, citizens are encouraged to keep parking on street.

Action items: Review if “No Parking” signs need to be installed to make sure that buses can get in and out safely at this bus stop. Consult Calgary Transit to understand there have been reported collisions involving Buses. (Action by: City of Calgary).

If you would like to learn more about organizing a Community Speed Watch in your community, please visit https://www.calgary.ca/roads/safety/community-speed-watch.html or contact my office with your concerns. 

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