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June Newsletter

It’s June! The sun is shining, and all across Calgary families are heading outdoors to enjoy the weather and spend time together. Here are some tips for staying safe as you visit the city’s outdoor events, markets, and prepare for our summer rain.

Stay safe and have fun!

Sometimes, the best way to avoid the crowds and enjoy Calgary's events, Stampede, and outdoor markets is by using taxis and rideshare apps like Uber. Here are some things you can do to stay safe while having a good time.

Passengers should make some checks before they get into any vehicle, during summer and throughout the year. Apps like Uber provide a photo of the driver, the licence plate number, the make/model of the vehicle and GPS tracking. If you’re hailing a taxi, make sure to check that the driver and vehicle are both licensed. A taxi plate verifies these on the car's rear bumper, and the driver’s ID must be posted in a visible location. Also, make sure to take note of the taxi number, company and colour of the vehicle. For more information and safety tips, visit

Preparing your property for rain

Along with warm weather, Calgary summers can also bring heavy rainfall. Here are some tips to help you prepare:

  • Be sure to clean out eavestroughs, downspouts, and any storm drains near your house.
  • Extend downspouts away from your home. Direct them onto your garden or lawn so the water can soak into the ground.
  • If you have a swale on your property, remove yard debris to ensure water flow.
  • If you have a sump pump, check to make sure it’s working. Consider adding a circuit breaker alarm to the pump to notify you if the power supply is lost.

During intense rainfalls, storm drains can become overwhelmed, and may take time to drain. If you see water pooling around storm drains and it hasn’t drained within 90 minutes, take a photo and submit it at If immediate safety is a concern or water is entering a building, call 311.


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