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Ward 2 - Jennifer Wyness

Ward 2 Bus Tour

Last week, I was joined by my friends from the Community Associations and City Administration as we toured the neighbourhoods of Ward 2.

We piled on a bus and visited each neighbourhood while the President of each CA showed us what issues need to be fixed, what is or isn’t working, and how The City of Calgary can make Ward 2 even better for everyone.

Thank you to the Hamptons, Ranchlands, Evanston, Nolan Hill, and Sage Hill Community Association Presidents who joined us—your help is invaluable and your hard work is what makes Ward 2 such a great place to live.

A special thank you to Mobility, Parks, and the Calgary Police for engaging with us to address community concerns.


Our first stop was the Ranchlands Community Centre. In the early afternoon, traffic tends to get congested along this road and can pose hazards for children getting out of school next door. This was a great opportunity to see how these issues can impact the neighbourhood in real-time, and my colleagues in Mobility and Calgary Police are exploring options to help ease some of the traffic and parking issues that residents have been experiencing. We also discussed safety concerns with seasonal flooding along the sidewalk, speeding and pedestrian access.

We continued on, and passed through multiple places in Ward 2, including in Hamptons, Nolan Hill, Sage Hill, and Evanston where there are potential hazards in intersections. This included unclear lane markers, concrete barriers, and signage that can create blind spots. It seems to be a common concern that intersections can get blocked up and busy during rush hour, which can make it dangerous for both pedestrians and motorists as they head to and from work. This is particularly concerning if there is a school nearby, as students often walk or bike these routes on a daily basis. One example where this occurs is the Hamptons/Edgemont corner by the Superstore and the school, which can become backed up when it is busy. My friends in Administration were interested to see where these hazards are, and they are currently working to find a solution for the neighbourhoods where this is an issue.

One thing I’ve heard from Ward 2 is that people want more opportunities for recreation and community building. It’s incredibly important for families to have a chance to get outdoors and spend time with their kids, for people to meet with friends, and to have space outside to enjoy Calgary’s beautiful seasons. This is why we discussed regular street sweeping and clearing of pathways, and ways we can make sure everyone gets time to enjoy spaces like outdoor rinks during the winter. If you have any questions about the street-sweeping schedule this year, visit my previous posts here and here where I discussed what residents can expect in 2023 and the plan for the coming years.

The aesthetic and condition of our roadways is also important—this includes keeping our roads and sidewalks clean and free of debris, which can be difficult if there is active construction nearby. Sometimes signs, uneven asphalt, and concrete can be left behind even after these projects are done. We saw a few examples of this along Symons Valley Parkway and Evanspark Circle, along Shaganappi Trail and 144th Ave. Issues like flooding in parks can damage grass and trees and create hazards for people using the sidewalks. We got some good feedback about how proper signage can help keep people safe when storm ponds freeze in the winter and can become dangerous.

We spent several hours visiting each community, taking notes, photos, and talking with the Ward 2 Presidents. This has been a fantastic opportunity to hear from residents and find more ways we can improve our communities. 

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