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Ward 6 - Richard Pootmans

Discussion Series: Calgary Police Service

A discussion with CPS District 2 Inspector Shanon Scott and Community Resource Officers Cst. Suzanne Sheppard, Cst. David Prajoux. A candid conversation regarding crime, encampments, speeding and much more.

1.    What are the roles and responsibilities of a Community Resource Officer?

Encampments across city – not just downtown. Triage/Assessment: why displaced, and for how long. Due to mental health or addictions? Consider weather (cold winters), safety, necessities of life, needs, stability

Mountain bike patrols in areas can’t get into easily

Traffic Safety along corridor

2.    Who do you report to?

Sergeant in the District

3.    What is the number one concern that you hear from residents?

Speeding, School Zones (Fall and returning after a break)

Drug Activity, Drug Use

4.    Has crime in Ward 6 increased or decreased? What type of crime have you seen a decrease in? In what type of crime have you seen an increase? What are some home and vehicle crime prevention tips that you can offer residents?

Three main categories: 1) Violent (decrease), 2) Property (increase), 3) Disorder (decease) Not necessarily criminal, but disruptive)

a) Commercial, b) Residential (break and enters almost split evenly)

Crime Prevention Program / Campaign (Make it more difficult, keep vehicles locked, garage opener inside, entrance from garage to house often unlocked)

5.    We have seen an increase in encampments and “living rough”. What can residents do if they encounter encampments or criminal behavior?

City of Calgary Bylaw Team and Calgary Police Service Encampment Team talk weekly and visit encampments together.

1) Call 311 for City of Calgary Bylaw Team – who will connect with Calgary Police Service Encampment Team

2) Call District 2 Calgary Police Station 403-428-6200

3) Call 403-266-1234 non-emergency

6.    Ward 6 has seen an increase of bullying and stealing between the youths and teenagers in Ward 6. As a parent, how can you prepare your kids. What can you do as a bystander if you witness bullying or harassment?

Education. If you are a bystander/witness – address it/intervene. See something, say something, do something - call Calgary Police Service

Calgary Police Services have seen real improvement Spring 2022 from Pandemic Spring 2021.

Constable Suzanne Sheppard visited Joan of Arc and Westridge Schools, spoke to every class before summer break. Reminding students how to behave vs unwanted behavior. Students were very receptive, had a positive impact.

Resource – Youth Link

7.    CPS has recently started the Bike Index Program. Can you explain what this is and how residents can register their bikes?

Free, online registry. Users can notify each other if bike lost or stolen (sightings and returns)

Property reported stolen, one off or community trend. Successful returns: 420 bikes (average value $100 bike)

8.    Safety on Calgary Transit has been a concern for a lot of our constituents. Can you talk about how CPS are helping? What can residents do to feel safe on transit, in parking structures and platforms?

LRT safety has been a priority over the past 15 months.

Crime Reduction Strategy 2020.

Hotspot, proactive patrols.

Keep your head up, be aware of surroundings

Push the Help Button if something seems suspicious or doesn’t seem right.

Security Partnership: Calgary Transit and Calgary Police work together to increase rider confidence.

Calgary Transit Peace Officers have different bylaw statutes and mandate. Police Officers brings different criminal authority

Previous staffing challenges – more resources in place with 18 peace officers hired by Calgary Transit

9.    What value of theft should be reported? A heavy planter was taken from front steps – is this something that would be tracked by police?

All theft should be reported, regardless of value

Different methods of reporting, depending on: if crime still in progress, or occurred in the past

Report a crime online

10. How is the CPS mitigating the damage to vehicles, such as the theft of catalytic converters?

Calgary Police Service does not have one specific unit, but several operations conducted – where converters end up.

There are no markings on catalytic converters to indicate what type of vehicle it came from.

Vehicle owners with easy access can apply their own signature marking, that may assist with recovery

11. Since the pandemic, violent, random crime seems to have increased and I don’t feel safe going downtown. I feel safer in my neighbourhood but am aware that gang violence is on the rise. How are the CPS working to take violent offenders off our streets?

Proactive last ten months, with preventative education and investigation.

Crime to property is not great – Crime to a person has a different priority.

Calgary Police Chief has openly discussed gang shootings.

Prevent lifestyle, Enforcement, Legislative changes (i.e. Prolific Violent Crime Offender Management – enforce curfews)

12. What should I do about speeders on a major road near where I live? Do regular cops pull over speeders, or is that something only traffic cops do? What is being done about the street racing problem in Ward 6? What can be done about vehicles with loud mufflers driving by late at night?

Calgary Police Service Website – fill out a Traffic Service Request form, is the best way for enforcement. Calgary has a great Safe Traffic Unit with radar and flashing signs

More difficult when it’s a one off. No instrument to measure modified noise.

All uniform members pull over speeders. Traffic enforcement is done daily.

13. What are the best and worst aspects of your job?

Help people daily. Rewarding. Special calls you know when made a difference.

Happy to be of service, help you feel safe and be safe.

Good days, Bad days, Sad/Hard things to deal with, how to help people in crisis, with loss/tragedy

Calgary is home, pride, phenomenal agency.

14. Will our Community Resource Officers be visiting the schools before school is out to remind kids how to have a safe summer?

Calgary Police Service do help with some schools. Constable Suzanne Sheppard was at a school today.

Work with School Resource Officers.

15. Are there plans for any future community events coming up with CPS in Ward 6?

Facebook Pages, Community Association Meetings and AGM’s.

Tour de Wildwood Saturday – mountain bike patrol and horse patrol will participate.

Coffee with a Cop, good way to discuss safety issues

Questions for the Councillor?

What is rewarding about your job?

Councillor is a rewarding position. The potential, work with amazing people, emergency response teams. In a position to access 27 business units of super talented individuals. See a problem, get to go to Council and change policy. Ask for a Report, discuss consequences, task Admin with bringing solutions, sometimes get the green light to make lives better. Opportunity to work at that scale.

16. When do Police attend to calls and when don’t they? Is there specific criteria or just based on availability?

Inspector Shanon Scott

When attending a call, can give options of telephone call, visit, statement over email.

Triage calls, sometimes takes time based on call volume.

Mitigate on route, eyes on whole district to allocate or relocate resources.

17. Can you tell us more about PACT (Police And Crisis Team)?

Constables Suzanne Sheppard and David Prajoux:

Calgary Police Service can consult with mobile response team: PACT Unit consists of Registered Nurse, Social Worker, and Police Officer.

Hospitals are busy, wait times are long. Determine if there are ongoing mental health issues, addiction tied in. Offer long-term follow-up, next steps, resources.


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